Friday, July 13, 2007

For Passing-thru

Dear Passing-thru...This post is for you.
I read it this morning on "Roger Bennett's Midnight Meditations"..Roger Bennett and it left me in tears, it is so beautiful!

Hi Debbie, I enjoyed your "musings" so much! We attended Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX, on Sunday (this was the last place I saw Roger perform by the way). Anyway, the pastor's message was on this very subject...of letting others see Jesus in us. He told a wonderful story...sorry if this gets too long on here. A young man was asked by his church to start going to their nursing home services once a month. This young man was not comfortable with this, so he went anyway but stood in the very back. The nurses rolled a man up in a wheelchair right beside him. The man never opened his eyes, but took this young man's hand. The young man didn't let the man's hand go, but held it all during the service and squeezed it when he left and said, "I'll see you next month." This same scene went on month by month. Finally, one Sunday they got there for the services and the nurses said this man had passed away. The young man was able to meet the man's niece. She said, "You know, the nursing home here said my uncle never talked, but he spoke to me before he died. He said for me to tell Jesus goodbye. She said, "Uncle Oliver what are you talking'll see Jesus before I do! I said, "No, Jesus comes here once a month and holds my hand." Isn't that great...that's how we should all be in this life...more of Jesus, less of ourselves!Have a good day!Ruth GilbertCorsicana, TX


passing-thru said...

THANKYOU SO MUCH -- yes, yes and yes --- good stuff , I am not sure who sent this ? but thankyou

There are many good testimonies that come "WHILE WE ARE IN SERVICE OF THE KING" , I found when I stepped away from God's work, so did many of the blessings -

Thankyou again

passing-thru said...

I guess this came from U , Ms. Ruth, thankyou again -- these are neat stories and faith building

passing-thru said...

This is for U , Ruth -- late 60's I worked in the hospital, day porter work - I would "witness" to everyone, there was an old ex soccer star , a double amputee in the ward -he was from England - a mean irritable bitter man , swore violently, cursed me and my God - week after week I would smile and do all I could do for him, make his area clean or talk about what is going on in the world - and leave little evidences of a witness - well , maybe 2 months later, "out of the blue" he said one morning , "Tell me about this Jesus that makes U smile and love people like me" I did , he prayed and sincerely asked Christ to come in - WHAT A RADIANT TESTIMONY HE BECAME - witness to all about JESUS - one monday I showed up for work and nurses said he died the night before - HE WAS A REAL TRANSFORMATION --- GOD BLESS HIS MEMORY , I will meet him again --

passing-thru said...

Oh ! this post was sent by Terry ! ---- well , THANKYOU TERRY AND YES THIS WAS A GREAT STORY --

I was giving Ruth the credit - lol


Terry said...

That's Ok Passing-thru.
I am going to go on Roger Bennett's site and tell Ruth about this Pilgrim site.
It WAS such an nice story, eh?,,,from Pp Terry