Monday, July 9, 2007

A New Day...A New Year

Good morning, Pilgrim Pals! THANK YOU so much for your warm, loving, birthday greetings!

First I got a note from Rodney over, no under, in Australia. Then a greeting rolled in from Felisol in Norway, then they came in bunches from the U.S. and Canada and from right here in Peterborough.

What a blessing your notes have been! What a rich gift from God your friendships have been!

I'm not sure what the plans are for today. I'll be driving Nathan (10) to his golf camp which begins today. Tamara, the young lady who lives with us, needs to be driven to her day program in Peterborough.

Then the real fun begins. I'll be taking several loads of "stuff" to the dump or the transfer station as it's called here. Sounds better than "dump" doesn't it? We've been cleaning out the garage, getting ready to move (yuck!) and there's so much "stuff" that we've collected.

I'm not sure whether we're going out for dinner or celebrating here!

Thanks again for your love, my precious Pilgrim Pals!

The most fitting scripture for today is one that I've quoted many times!

"I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread." - Psalm 37:25 (NIV)


Terry said...

Good Morning David Fisher!
Yes... there you were soundly sleeping and all of us tired people were slaving over a red hot computer cooking up all of these birthday cards!
I guess that Passing-thru is still sleeping, he put out such a mighty effort to be the frist greeter.. at midhnight no less!!
Well....haaa...Felisol and Rodney beat him...seeing as they had the 12 hour jump on the clock!!!!
Too bad you have to be working so hard today going to the transfer station but maybe Carol is trying to get rid of you for a while to do some birthday planning..Who knows??

Well take care and don't let anybody get a hold of you.
Sixty-two whacks on the behind would just about do you in, not to mention all those pinches!!!
Doesn't each pinch "make you grow an inch"?
Boy with your being so old and all you would be so tall that we would have to change your name AGAIN!!
To Methuselah!...Love Terry

resting in salm 37 said...

Good Morning, and Happy Birthday!

I pray the Lord blesses your day in every way, and may you grow even closer to Him thi year than you did last year.

Love and Prayers,

P.S. I like your choice of scripture ;)

passing-thru said...


Heard some good preaching on the radio this morning - about just "living" enjoying - not everything has to have "prayer" said in front of it -- "lighten" up -- lol -- some truth to that -
Not an easy day or week for U, I am sure - the same here for me - am "tired" of thinking about needing a job - trusting the Lord, yes but HIS TIMING and my sense of urgency - will be praying for U today David - amazing how the "curves" in the road go - makes me truly feel like "a pilgrim" here - same for U , I am sure -

passing-thru said...

Thx for putting the birthday greetings together Terry !

This blog site would not be the same without U

Saija said...

Happy Birthday to you, dear friend ... may God meet you at every bend of this pilgrim road we travel ... and may His sweet love be evident in every face and every place you find yourself in today - and all your tomorrows as well ...

many many blessings to you!

Pilgrim Pals said...

Too early in the morning David.
I guess that new name would be Goliath, eh?
Ha!!...from pilgrim pal, Terry