Saturday, July 14, 2007


Has David's blog site of "PALS" been a blessing ? I know this, that many of the blog sites listed on David's Scribblings have been a blessing to me -- did anyone check out today on Harvest ? Rich , Deep, GODLY --
I posted Heather's request and having "Pals" site available to do that is a blessing --
This site is a tool for sharpening our edge , for enabling and enlisting "others" to fight the good fight
Will U all remember Heb 11:1 family tomorrow as they have "unsaved ones" over for dinner -
David would say to U , even if U have nothing to add or no "great" story , just saying THANKYOU TO GOD ------- will bless others that read that.

David's "Pals" site was intended to be an OASIS , a place of refreshment in spiritual things -
Have "we" walked down green wooded trails, on the road to Emmaus, did we stop by Terry's porch to draw water from her well box , did we pass one another and exchange the love and concern that only Christian's can know about - did we pause early each day to read and appreciate David's poems and thoughts on Scribblings --- for all of us, let's take the time, not much time needed but some time to say THANKYOU to any and all of us in here for supporting one another -- my dad used to always say in his prayers around the table Thankyou Lord for all that YOU have done and Without YOU we would have nothing - is there a "memory" of some loved one that INFLUENCED YOU to a greater walk with the LORD -- thankyou's are always in order ---- LORD BLESS all of you wonderful Christians - we will have all of eternity to rejoice and be amazed --- ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS --- ------------ passing-thru


Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru
This site IS an oasis in the desert for sure and I don't even like to look back at the time that it wasn't here for all of us!

Blessed Lord's Day to all of you pilgrim pals!

Hello out there wherever you are Doc!!
Hope everything is OK..from Pilgrim pal, Terry

donna said...

May I ask that we lift up in prayer a dear lady who is battling cancer...I read her blog and all the challenges that are before her and my heart continues to ache for her. I sometimes comment, but more often, I just go there and pray...I pray over blogs a LOT... If you would like to visit her, her name is Minerva and her blog addy is
Thank you so much and God bless.

P.S. I am emailing David...right now....after I grab a cup of coffee...