Monday, July 9, 2007

Oh so tired tonight

Hi my fellow Pilgrims,

I have enjoyed reading all the posts today!

I have to head to bed really soon. I literally have not slept in over 24hrs - other than a quick catnap after work. I was up Sunday morning at 9 a.m. for church - visiting with a friend in the afternoon - then out with Todd for the evening. Although I got in just after 10 p.m. I could not wind down and sleep. I felt so blessed. It wasn't just that things went well with Todd, but also I felt a connection to the Lord Jesus that I haven't felt much in the last year!! By 3:30 a.m. I was singing some gentle praise songs and dancing with the Lord in my living room. I listened to the rain pour down in buckets - it was the rain that was supposed to happend much earlier that evening and would have prevented Todd and I from sitting in a beautiful park watching a sunset. The rain came only when the Lord allowed it - is He a kind and wonderful God or what?!

Goodnight my friends. God bless you all!

Julie (Little Missionary)


passing-thru said...

Nite Lil Missionary

Terry said...

God bless you Little Missionary, Julie..
Where does that Noah sleep at night..
In a cage?
He is such a cute darling and so are YOU!!
God has big plans for you!!
Just follow him closely and you wil see!..Love Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Little Noah sleeps in his cage and inhabits my bathroom during the day. His is litter trained but not on the toilet :) If I let him loose in the whole place I'd have a heck of a time catching him! He is a little blessing from God :)

Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary, Julie
When Betty and I and two other girls all lived together in Ottawa in a big apartment building on Bell Street, we once purchased a rabbit.
We got him at a pet shop that was owned by Lowelll Green one of CFRA's radio announcers.
That rabbit thought he was one celebrity I am just telling you Julie.
After we had snuck him up in a shopping bag[just as we had ALSO snuck up two kittens a few weeks before],ten floors up, we stopped catering to him and his home ended up being the balcony!
We just didn't appreciate his small deposits all over the place!
He used to turn his nose up at it, but we fed him dog food.
The two kitties ate dog food too because it was a lot cheaper than cat food and we were four poor working girls, living on a tight budget!
Well anyways the moral of this story, little missionary,....NEVER feed a rabbit dog food.
The guy ended up thinking he WAS a dog and we caught him trying to pull by the scruff of their tiny necks our two darling kitties right to the edge of the balcony, hopefully to plunge them down to the depths below.
TEN stories up we were!
THAT is when we had to think seriously of getting rid of this kid of a celebrity rabbit.
I will continue this story at a later date!!

Oh I must add this though;
When Dad Golden heard that we were feeding that rabbit "dawg" food, he warned us, "Never take that rabbit out for a walk!
He might end up chasing the cars!

Have a good day and don't work too hard in this heat wave that we are having...Love from Pilgrim pal, Terry