Monday, July 9, 2007


I was out this evening and found David had posted a nice thankyou to all for thinking of him this way --- We had "battles" this weekend - victories for sure - I was "down" abit this morning and some of U prayed and it definitely picked me up along with THE WORD -- David was battling "a darkness" as well --
ARLENE and HEATHER -- remembering these two Christian Ambassadors
Can we EXPECT GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT to work on dad Golden - the answer is YES
OUR THREE LADIES , PILOT MOM/VICKIE/SAIJA as they nurse and minister to hubbies
HEB 11:1 and their EVANGELICAL FAMILY to prosper and bless all those around them
DONNA as she joins our "pals" family with her depth and caring ways - May she be encouraged
JEL as she drops in from time to time and leaves words of friendship and comfort
there are "many" more people and requests but for now , this will suffice

One thing is for certain - the evil one wants this blog site and others to "go away" the enemy of God, hater of humans, wanting all the world to "BURN" in that awful lake of fire along with him - "WE" are on GOD'S MISSION , to win , influence, and lead lost sheep to the SHEPERD and by HIS SPIRIT we will and are --

pray much , believe much and expect much -- GOD BLESS ------- passing-thru


Terry said...

Amen to all of this Passing-thru!

And how thankful we are that because one man desired to create a blog where we could all meet and give our payer requests and pray for each other, and then he just jumped in and DID it, we are rich indeed!
Truly blessed!

Thanks Pilgrim David!!

From Pligrim pal Terry

jel said...

just droping by, and
say Morning, Passing-thru!

and hi to ya all!

thanks , am very blessed to know of y'all!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Good morning everyone!

Have a very blessed day in the Lord!