Thursday, July 5, 2007

Praise report

I met with my new pastor this morning at Kanata Wesleyan. He was very nice and was excited about my heart for missions. What a change from my old church where my pastor of 7 years never seemed to even have 10 minutes to meet and hear my reports when I came back from mission trips. My new church is very Christ-centered and mission focused. I think I've "landed" there at the perfect time - God's perfect timing of course. They are begining some new initiatives - such as having a "missions week" in February! They are planning at least two team trips a year and the pastor would like me to be involved in planning trips for 2008!

Praise Jesus who calls the weak - me - big time! - to shame the strong.

Julie (Little missionary)


David Warren Fisher said...


This is so exciting for me! I'm so grateful that you feel at home at Kanata Wesleyan!

I'll continue to keep you in my prayers and our PILGRIM PALS prayers in the days ahead.

Be encouraged today!

Missions are at the center of
God's heart.

David, the Pilgrim

hebrews 11:1 said...

I'm glad to hear the good news. Say, do you have a mission fest in Ottawa? We have one in Novemeber in Montreal every year. I think I was first told about it 4 yrs. ago, and every year I begged my mom to take me for the Saturday...just to look around. Every year she was busy. I didn't even bother to ask my dad...until last year. Somehow I got all my siblings on board, and we ALL asked our parents if they'd take us. They'd never been to such a place and were really hesitant, but we had friends there at one ministry booth, so they finally agreed to take us. We all packed up and were NOT disapointed. We learned about so many missions in and around our city, and received lots of helpful advice as well as resources.

The MOST disappoiting thing was that we hoped HMI would be there...and WHERE WERE THEY, MR. FISHER? What a letdown that was ;) Okay, we also wanted to see the people from the Chrsitian radio station, but they weren't there for some reason, although their name was on the list.

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Terry said...

Dear Little glad to hear this!!
I am in a little hurry so if you can could you post a prayer request fro Johsua and Joe, for Piglrim David, also the news that I just heard about my dad.
They have made his appointment for Oct in Hamilton for his operatation...THanx so mcuh! Love Terry

Thanks Hebrews 11:1 for reminding me..

I will write you later..
Pilgrim pals prayers anwered and answered David!