Sunday, July 8, 2007

Praise Report

Hi my Pilgrim Prayer Warriors - No prayer request too big or small - we pray for 'em all!!

I think this is a miracle working site! God must be smiling that we are putting the intranet to use for His Glory.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers - and Praise Jesus - he even cares about dates - the ultimate match-maker :)

It was supposed to rain this evening - even called for thundershowers! It was cloudy here all day and did rain a bit in the morning. The sky looked threatening all day. But on my way to meet Todd the clouds suddenly broke and the sun came out! It may sound dorky but I knew in my heart that it was the Lord blessing this date - he ordained that very moment. The warmth in my heart was overwhelming for Jesus and I said, "Lord, this one's for you!"

Todd and I headed for a local park since it cleared up and sat on a rock watching God's nature - absolutely beautiful evening. We talked non-stop for 3.5 hrs - everything from the Ottawa Senators, to work, (we both work for the City) to our upbringing in small towns, to chocolate, to my missionary work (notice how chocolate and missions go together for me :). The seeds that were planted were small but I sensed it was enough for now. I'm about building relationships and getting to know a person's heart. This is someone I could see building a solid friendship with and potentially move into a loving relationship with. Todd is a good man - a gentleman, and I sensed some soft soil in his heart where more gospel seeds can be planted as we grow to trust each other. I have absolutely no idea if Todd feels like pursuing this more - time will tell. I don't make assumptions anymore about how guys feel - after a major wound to my heart just over a year ago. I trusted a Christian fellow and expressed my feelings to him as I thought we were both feeling the same. He turned out to be very immature and even vicious toward me - it was a real crisis of faith for me because I couldn't understand how a disciple of Christ could be so mean spirited. I know we are all sinners but this was beyond being a sinner and then repenting - he didn't repent. I've had to work through some major forgiveness towards him - now I just pity him. Anyway, that's in the past and I see now how the Lord protected me from further harm from this person.

Please continue to pray for the "soil" in Todd's heart. And thanks again fellow Pilgrims - good night. As I say my bed-time prayers I will lift each of you before the Throne of our Great and Awesome King.

Julie (little missionary)


Terry said...

Good night Little Missionary Pilgrim pal Terry

Pilgrim Pals said...

Terry, you're the best - bet you were waiting up for the report. You make me smile dear :) Good night.


LauraMae said...

Wow! I am glad it went so well! First dates are always awkward, especially in this situation where you are trying to witness too! I'll keep praying!

Pilgrim Pals said...

For sure and I WAS Little Missionary Julie..
Maybe just as well I was never a mother!
I would go white with all the worry!!
Hmm... I guess I AM white!!
Something doesn't add up here!
Well let's try that again!...
Maybe just as well I was never a mother!
I would be bald pulling all of my white hairs out with all the worry!!....Love Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Well, a few nighthawks tonight eh? I can't sleep - gee I wonder why??

Thanks Lauramae :)

Terry - I'm laughing!! I think there is a good reason I'm not a mom either - I'd go nuts waiting up for my daughter - wait....some would argue I'm already nuts....hummm nuts for the Lord!

resting in psalm 37 said...

You girls made me laugh.

and I laughed, too! ;)