Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Prayer Request for a friend's son

Hi all Pilgrims,

I was at my small Christian Community tonight and one of our members has a son who is in a very dark place of despair. He is in his early twenties and has attempted suicide 4 times over a 7 year span. He is now in a local hospital after his latest attempt at suicide. He just talks about how hopeless everything is and that he just doesn't care anymore. His mom witnesses to him all the time about Jesus but of course you know it's very difficult to witness to "lost" family members. Satan has a grip on this young man's mind - but Christ can free him!! Perhaps the Lord could send someone, who is not family, to witness to him.

Please join me in prayer for the salvation and healing of this young man.


Little missionary - Julie


passing-thru said...

Yes Julie ------ pilgrims will read this and remember to pray - now that U voiced this and the fact that Christians brought this before the church and God -- no doubt God is already at work - for isn't that what HE PROMISED ? - Before U call , I will answer -

How was last sundays service Lil Missionary ?

Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary..This is so sad!
You are absolutely right!
Where everyone is helpless with being able to talk to him, the Lord can still speak to him and His ear is not deaf if the boy does call on His name...Love Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hi Passing-thru - you are so right about God already at work - I believe that!!

I wasn't at church this past Sunday - out of town visiting my folks. But I'll be there this Sunday!

Thanks to you too Terry.

The prayers of His people are powerful.

Pilot Mom said...

Julie, thank you so much for sharing this request. The torment of one who would desire death over life is beyond comprehension (at least for me) but praise God it is NOT beyond His comprehension and understanding. For that matter, He alone knows exactly what this young man needs to become a healthy, saved believer in Christ. I will pray. Would it be possible to share this young man's first name?

Pilgrim Pals said...

Hi Pilot mom:

Yes, that level of despair is hard for many to understand. Unfortuanately, I've been acquainted with it at times but Jesus always lifts me out. That's why I know he can do this for anyone!

His name is John.

Thanks for praying for him.
L.M. - Julie