Tuesday, July 10, 2007

REMEMBER GIDEON Judges 6 and 7

This post is along a different line than Lil Missionary's request - She is on the right track and Trusting God , with Christian friends , sisters and mothers in the Lord , she will be allright -

Remember Gideon, the Midianites, how God eliminated an army of 32,000 down to 300 "faithful" ones so that THE GLORY would be OF HIM -- Horns to Praise HIM and pitchers with candles in them , quite the arsenal -- GOD IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR US TO SHOW HIM STRONG --- Remember the 6 DAY WAR in June of 1967 - Little Israel, the size of Rhode Island - went up against Egypt, Syria and Jordan and they had support from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, Sudan and Algeria . If ever God showed HIMSELF STRONG it was here , like in days of old -- this war lasted 132 hours and 30 minutes - and Israel took back her boundaries - amazing feat with armies of at least ten times greater -
We fail to Remember -- WHOM we have to do with -- This is JEHOVAH - yes , we all have our "battles " but GOD is still at work , looking for the Gideons, Gideon was afraid , yes, but GOD willing to SHOW HIMSELF STRONG worked in him and HE will in us ----

LET US EXERCISE FAITH -- LAY OUT SOME FLEECES -- we are still praying LARGE for David , for future guidance and even bigger exploits - for me , a job , not just any job, but one that will glorify HIM and be perfect for me -- dad Golden's salvation, what a gift that would be when he says to his wife and daughters, I AM SAVED and I KNOW IT ! ------- healings, yes , healings --- direction, finances, -- WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD --- Has HE sent an angel by your way and told U of victories to be won ? as HE did Gideon ---

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hebrews 11:1 said...

Could someone please post this for me? Thank you!
Hello, Fellow Pilgrim Pals!
I don’t know if you read my update in the comments on Sunday, so I’m typing all this up again.
We had a great experience at the soccer game. The whole time I reminded myself that we were there as a witness for Christ, and I think all your prayers helped tremendously. We ALL passed out a lot of verse cards, well, almost all of us kids, including a 9-year-old friend whom we’re close with. He had just come back from a Christian camp with his family, and I discussed the events there with him. With all the enthusiasm in his voice, he spoke LOUDLY, and I’m sure all the fans in our stand heard us discuss the Bible memory verses, the songs (Jesus Loves Me; He’s Big God) sung around the fire, and where Jesus is (in our hearts; all around us). I had a blast talking with friends and family of the players, and Lil Montreal Girl played jr. reporter as she followed our friend who writes for the paper. She ran out on the field and interviewed the players after the game, and even walked off the field with one (it was unintentional, but nevertheless amusing!). During halftime, they played a rousing song with a catchy tune…something that said, “would you be my girl?” I can’t remember the rest, but having just finished praising the Lord a few hours earlier, I was still in tune with music, and caught myself swaying a little to the tune. Woah! I thought…I’ve got to be a good witness here! My sister said she caught herself moving a little on the stands, too! Well, the girls all around us were gesturing to the players as they moved to the music, and the guys were doing the same…if I were on ice, I think I would’ve really skated fast, as I always do when a fast beat tune comes on at the arena. Anyways…
Another thing to update…the lady I gave the Bible to died last Saturday. My neighbor who delivered the Bible called me to let me know. All her belongings will go to her brother, so I’m going to pray that he has such a curiosity with that Book, that he can’t put it down. And all the tracts and stuff I sent along with it as well!
An answer to my own prayer, I’ll be working for a neighbor few hours a day, a few days a week. I haven’t had much income since I had to close my business I owned for several years, due to health problems. It will be the first job where I am not working for myself…that will be a change, but certainly a pleasant change in pay, too! Please pray that I can be a witness to this Jewish family I’ll be working for. Also, my sister will go instead on days that I can’t, so please pray for her, too. Thank you.

That’s it for now…enough, eh?
Have a blessed evening!
Lil Pigrim Pal