Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rewarding Day

What a day it's been, dear Pilgrim Pals! I'm back at work and it's almost 11:40 p.m., time to "call it a day".

Our guest speaker at church this morning, Bill McRae, spoke on the importance of encouragement. Following the service we had out church/Sunday School picnic at Hope Valley Day Camp and then we drove Victoria to Graphite Bible Camp, just north of Bancroft, Ontario.

We got back to Peterborough around 10:00 p.m. tonight so I came directly to work rather than going home first.

Looking back, it was a great day with some excellent Christian fellowship! We are so blessed to have such a caring body of believers to worship with!

Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities and with them, many challenges as well. I'll leave thoughts of tomorrow with the God of tomorrow and trust Him to meet every need.

Good night, Pilgrim Pals!

Warm, Christian love,

David, the pilgrim

P. S. Welcome Donna! And, by the way, thanks for the great photo which you posted on By His Grace Alone.


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Terry said...

Dear David... I remember those wonderful summer weeks when the Christians from Lorne Avenue Gopsel Hall in Trenton would pay for the Golden kids to go to Camp Gailea.
Oh it was such a glorious time that we had by the camp fires at night, singing Bible songs and listening to the gospel!
I will never forget the kindness of those Christians to the Goldens!
To this day I know I will ever be grateful!..From Pp Terry

donna said...

Thank you ...I am sorry to say I still do not know how to log in and post....:( But I am trusting God will send a messenger my way...