Tuesday, July 10, 2007

THORN in the devil's side

"BRETHREN" the "CALLED OUT ONES" (the church) SAVED BY CHRIST ALONE THRU THE BLOOD ------U all know the needs -- I have no doubt , if the devil can , he will dismantle the "pals" and scatter us abroad --- I believe that because "two or more" are gathering IN HIS NAME that much good is happening - more than we realise, forces of darkness are agitated, they are getting uclers from these "pals" praying and praising THE SAVIOUR -- so much detours and delays and discouragments are coming at the Christians ---- we have had samplings of victories - more to be had -- David has assured Terry that "we" are looking forward to Dad Golden being saved --the devil says its not going to happen -- MAKE NO MISTAKE -- THIS IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE and I know this also, that I am a weak Christian , but by HIS GRACE , I am hanging in there -- look at all the times , our Christians brothers and sisters get discouraged and then GOD pulls them back and encourages them -- the Arlenes and Heathers and Davids ---
- as pilot mom said last nite , satan has lost already , all he can do now is try and discourage us, but she is right , he lost and because of THE GREAT CHRIST , we are more than conquerors
but as paul said - discouraged at times but not destroyed -- the battle is ours - lets press on ---for HE GIVES MORE GRACE as is needed -- HOW GOOD IS GOD

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