Monday, July 9, 2007


WOW - ANOTHER SAINT , HEATHER - has 46 posts - she was so touched by that quilt story that someone (probably Terry) posted on "pals" HEATHER , was so touched by that quilt - that she is asking for REAL HEART TOUCHING STORIES of GOD'S WORKING THRU SOMEONE'S LIVES --

U just know the devil is going to put his demons on overtime to mess these Christians up -
We have Heb11:1 and her family passing out gospel scripture
Many of the "pals" praying around the clock for Arlene and Heather
Dad Golden, while sleeping , tossing and turning and mentioning "have mercy"
Peterborough Julie -- carrying the cross into a wedding with her testimony
Lil Missionary Julie heartfelt mission for the lost
Pilot Mom and Vickie and Saija and Donna , contributing on their blogs to THE SAVING MESSAGE OF THE GOSPEL not to mention all the others on Doc David alias the Fish's list such as Holy Experience ---
Felisol and Serina bending their knees to GOD for us --

NOW ! if only we can get these people to stop ! screams the devil to his demons -- go now and discourage them - stop them -- GO AFTER THE "DOC" first - work on him and Carol - if he gives up , maybe , just maybe the others will move on --- what ? what are u saying ? - "DOC" says they follow THE CHRIST - doc says he is not the leader , but THE HOLY SPIRIT --doc says these people are led by THE SPIRIT OF GOD , SAVED THRU THE BLOOD and by THE WORD ---


Pilot Mom said...

you have already LOST satan!!!!

passing-thru said...


Terry said...

Not to mention our own "David and Johnathan" who together are keeping watch over the prayers and the concerns of the Pilgrim pals and their friends!

Thanks for the prayer updates Passing-thru!

David is the one who put Heather's quilt picture and story in!
We ARE the only too who are big swipers in the blogging world, so you know that it is either the one or the other that is guilty, eh?
Actually David taught me everything I know about swiping pictures from Jel and Saija and YOU, Passing-thru taught me everytning I know about copying and pasting and now I am swiping whole posts!!!