Friday, July 6, 2007


HELLO ! Am back and thankyou for prayers and thoughts -- we went to Branson, Mo and a Christian newspaper had this article in it -- A man just purchased a brand new jaguar and going down the road was oblivious to a young boy frantically waving his arms, he rolled past him and then heard a THUNK - the boy threw a BRICK and hit the passengers door, he stopped and angrilly grabbed the boy and shouted "what do u think your doing " the 11 or 12 year old boy crying and said - "I didn't know what else to do ! my brother here fell out of his wheelchair into the curb and I can't lift him and no one will stop to help me " - the man felt so terrible, he lifted his brother up into the wheel chair and watched the two of them go down the road . He walked back to his car and there was that big dent in the door - he decided to leave the dent there to remind him that it shouldn't take a brick to make him slow down and look to see who he can help for the Lord --

"We Christians" should have a better testimony than the world - a warmer smile - a happier tone - a word in season and out of season - a light that shines brighter than any unsaved person - Amen ? --------- HELLO DAVID AND ALL THE PALS -- WELCOME DONNA AND GOOD NEWS ARLENE ------------thx Terry --

passing-thru -------


hebrews 11:1 said...

Great to have you back!

Oh, and thank you for the geography assignment :) Where in MO is that...I'll certainly look it up when I have a chance. I'm supposed to be working on photographs right now, but as you can tell, they're just minimized here while I blogscotch.

Have a blessed evening everyone! Buenos Noches!
Kali Nichta!
(You're going to have to learn Greek, because I love it:)...and besides, you Pals in Ottawa have a Greek community there--a local runner moved from up my street to Ottawa several years ago. Okay, he lived somewhere else in between, but he grew up in my neighborhood)

Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

Lol -- Branson, Missouri about 500 miles from Indianapolis In -- U know Greek ? Lil pilgrim - wow -- U people keep amazing me --
Seeing Pilot Mom's request just shows us the range of prayer needs from Cancer to Garbage Disposal leak - all needs and we have a God that meets those needs -
David , hang in there - God is Able and here I am using "cliches" - how about scriptured then ? "Pressed down and squeezed together, windows of heaven etc etc.

Pilgrim Pals said...

So glad you are back Passing-thru!!
We really did miss you.....
From Pilgrim pal, Terry