Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mom And Dad Golden And Friday Prayer Requests

This is the picture that Dad Golden gave to me a couple of days ago from Mom's "Wall of Fame".

He wants me to put it into the newspaper for his and mom's 60th anniversary.

It has been an answer to prayer that dad has finally got an appointment day for his operation.

Last night mom could hardly believe her ears when she heard Dad Golden talking in his sleep and saying the words. "Please have mercy".This is all mom heard but her heart was so full of joy at this!

I really believe because of the much prayers that you are all sending up for his salvation that Dad is finally starting to take eternal matters seriously!

A few answers to prayer this week have been Arlene's good results from her scan, Little Missionary's finding a good church family that seems to be an encouragement to her,

Pilgrim David's and Passing-thru's safe arrival home.

We are still looking for the salvation of Todd and John and Joe Holland.

We are waiting to hear from David when he finds out how the operations of Joshua Pleasant, Joe Holland and Mike Sweeney have gone.

We have not heard how the Pilots have made out with their plumbing situation but we truly hope that they now have running water available.

Waiting and praying still for Lauren-mary and for the people who Hebrews 11:1 have under wing.

Pray for Hebrews 11:1 and Little Montreal girl as they pass out verse cards in Ottawa.

Serina is happy and Especially Heather is not only coping with her cancer but is being a bright testimony and an encouragement to others.

Pray for Julie as she attends the wedding tomorrow with the perfect wdding cake that we have prayed for and that the unsaved around her will wonder what she has that they don't!

That is all for now except to ask you to pray for David and Carol and Passing-thru and Joanne and for Pilot-dad and his cancer treatments...

Also our friend , Jim and his wife Mrs. Jim have the sad occasion to attend a funeral of one of their long time friends, I am not sure if the person is saved or not...

Passing-thru will have to take the helm tomorrow!!

So rest well my friend.....


Pilot Mom said...

Yes, we haven't any leaks as of now. We'll check it again in the morning. Thank you everyone who has been frpaying!!!

And, we only have 7 more treatments left!!!!!

David Warren Fisher said...


What an excellent summary of the present needs and situations of the Pilgrim Pals!

Thanks for a job well done in Passing-Thru's absence!

Going for a McDonald's coffee this morning!

Have a great Lord's day, remembering Him!


David, the Pilgrim

David Warren Fisher said...

Eternal God:

I pray today in Jesus' name that You will use whomever You choose to touch Dad Golden's life and bring Him to Yourself.

Equip Terry and Bernie and all the other believers in their family to say and do exactly what is needed to impact Dad Golden's life in such a way that he will fall at Your feet and ask for mercy. Thanks for every indication that he is softening his heart towards You.

We, as Pilgrim Pals, agree together that it is Your will that none should perish but that ALL (including Dad Golden) should come to repentance. Therefore we lift him up before You today, believing that You desire to save him and make him one of Your own.

We entrust him to You and wait expectantly for the news that he has invited You to take control.

Thank You for the blessed assurance we have as believers, knowing that we have a blessed hope ahead of us.

Today I commit Terry and Bernie to You and thank You for the encouragment and blessing they have been to me, their fellow pilgrim.

Thank You for what You will do today!

We pray in the holy name of Your Son Jesus,


passing-thru said...


WHAT DO U THINK OF THAT CAPTAIN DAVID --- what a blessing she has been
Thankyou for remembering Joanne and I in your prayers --
HOW ABOUT DAD GOLDEN - MAY GOD DO IT - we need to pray and praise more , I believe like Terry said, prayer has made a big difference

Still praying for U and Carol, David - HE IS A FRIEND THAT STICKS CLOSER THAN A BROTHER --

nice to pilot mom and donna on board - this has been a blessing David, this blog site U started for pilgrims passing thru

Terry said...

Thank yo so much David and Passing-thru!!

We are on our way to the Macs now David.
One burnt muffin coming up!!...From Pilgrim pal Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Shirkie...
WE WON'T BE IN OTTAWA! I onlt wish we could be...those games have got to cost an arm an a leg for my family :) Thanks all the same for making mention of us, and for this summary.

Lil Pilgri Pal