Saturday, July 7, 2007

Oh!! Good News From Pilot-mom!

We are now at 7 days of treatment left! Just one day at a time. Again PD went back to sleep after getting up this morning. I awoke him a little after 1:00 pm to get to his treatment on time. This morning I left him sleeping and went and tried mattresses and picked one that I thought he would like. After his treatment we stopped by the store so he could try out the mattress. He loved it! And he found a different chair (recliner) than the one we had first picked out. It is better quality but the same sale price so we exchanged that. He's happy and I am happy! We paid for everything (cough, cough...ahem) and it will be delivered Thursday afternoon after his treatment. His chair is having to come from Nevada or California because they didn't have it in the color leather we wanted. But that will arrive, I'm thinking, around his final treatment. What a wonderful way to celebrate!While I went and grabbed a bite of dinner with a girlfriend PD got done under the sink and figured out what was causing the leak. He figured out that a gasket wasn't put back on. That seems to have done the trick. We'll find out tomorrow for sure. A couple of friends of Pilot's from high school have been helping us to move furniture all around. Bodie and Micah came tonight and moved the pieces back into the appropriate rooms and brought my round oak table up from downstairs to the dinnette area. I'm so happy!! While they were here helping to move, they also helped with the drain. :D God is so good and faithful! Thank you to all of you who have been praying for that leak! . Clair..


David Warren Fisher said...

Pilot Mom and Pilot Dad:

You are in our prayers today! Thanks so much for your love, encouragement and input into Pilgrim Pals.

Maybe the Pilgrim Pals will spend a million years just hanging out together in heaven.

Much love in Christ,


Pilot Mom said...

Oh, David, wouldn't that be something? All of us sitting at the feet of our Savior? There isn't anything I would like better! :D

hebrews 11:1 said...

That sounds like fun!