Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eternal Joy

I was talking to Terry this morning and she thought I should post this over I am following her advice.......I seem somewhat exhausted from the past am trying to relax today and tomorrow...enjoy the sunshine and cooler temperatures...Pray everyone is having a blessed weekend.

All believers in Christ
are not equally happy
but each has right to be
exceedingly glad
some float upon a
flood tide of joy
others drift upon the ebb
all in the same stream
bearing on to the
ocean of perfect felicity
in the land which
flows with milk and honey
getting a sip of sweetness
joy is contagious
he who believes.

copyright 2005-2007
donna butler


passing-thru said...

YES HOW TRUE -- good words Donna
We remember U often in prayer -
Thankyou for contributing to "pals" your a Wonderful Christian Woman , "a mother of Israel" caring and sharing and carrying burdens for others as well as struggles "inwardly" of your own -- this I know and U know too, that your a Blest Child of God and someday these "issues" will no longer be "issues" SO CONTINUE ON AND KNOW THAT YOUR LOVED -----

Terry said...

Oh you are some sweetheart Donna!
This is so nice and I am glad that you shared it!..Love Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for sharing this Donna!