Sunday, July 22, 2007

Extension Granted - PROJECT PILGRIM PAL

Well, my PILGRIM PALS, tomorrow is July 23rd and we haven't added many (or any) new pals to our list. I know, we were busy with so many things this week. My excuse? I guess I could say that my laptop is in the repair shop but my computer at home is still working.

So, friends, let's go to work and see who we can add by the end of July. I'll extend the date to July 31st to increase our PILGRIM PALS PRAYER POWER. Just think how many more prayers will be bombarding the throne of God if we each add a new pal. Wow! Powerful!

Get to work, my friends! Have a good and godly week!

- David

Dear Pilgrim Pals:

Greetings in Jesus' mighty name! We have seen God do miraculous things in answer to our prayers since we launched PILGRIM PALS a month and a half ago!

We have added several news pals over this time and would like to welcome more of our friends to join hands with us.

Each of us who are already PILGRIM PALS have friends who read our own personal blogs and who we communicate with regularly. Why not invite them to join us and be part of this unique blogging (and praying) experience.

Over the next week (from July 16th to July 23rd) let's each invite another friend to join us and double our numbers. That, in turn, will increase the number of Christians who are lifting each other up in prayer before our Father.

Why not ask a friend who you know and trust to become a PILGRIM PAL. Of course these prospective newcomers must be Christian believers who will not use this forum to advance their own causes. We only seek to exalt our Lord Jesus and encourage and pray for one another. If you have a friend and they would like to get onboard, just give them the username and password and then let me know that they are joining us. We'll give them a proper welcome and introduction and then we'll stand back and watch God do His thing.

Trusting God to increase our borders through PROJECT PILGRIM PAL,



Terry said...

It would surely be nice David Fisher but I am beginning to have a hard time keeping their names all striaght as it is!!
I just wonder how YOU can do it so well...

<> said...

Didn't Mike Fisher get the invite to join?
We are waiting ;)