Saturday, July 7, 2007

Feeling down

Hi Pilgrims,

Just feeling a bit vulnerable to "attacks" tonight - feeling lonely so that usually stirs up "stuff". If you could pray for protection over my mind that would be great.

Thanks for your prayers.

Julie (Little missionary)


Pilot Mom said...


Father God, I pray for my sister Julie tonight. Lift her up out of the doldrums, remind her of Your perfect Love for her. Sweep away the "stuff" that is building up in her mind, Lord. Give her clear the ability to focus entirely on You tonight. May Your Spirit help her to recall Scripture to defeat the enemy. Give her a special time in Your Word this evening, filled with Your peace which passes all understanding. I pray this Lord, in Your Son's precious Name, Amen.

Terry said...

Dearest Little Missionary,Julie.
I feel sorry that you are feeling down and I say Amen to Pilot-mom's prayer for you.
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and your new friends will be so glad to see you again.
You will be a blessing to them just as ever since you popped into Pigrim Pals Blog, you have been a blessing to us!

passing-thru said...

Julie - just think - here U called out to God and HIS PEOPLE -- U are already "ahead" of the battle - yes, any Christian that has a "mind" to serve the Lord is going to be attacked -- so if possible, just relax - take a shower - bath - read a book, pray as U already have and TRUST - U did the right thing - "if any be afflicted let him or her pray and GOD WILL COME - WILL TOUCH U -- believe this ? I know U do -- Lil Missionary , U are already ahead of the battle - satan wants to "mess" U up - he is counting on U thinking , no hope, no help , no use and yet , because of your faith in Christ , U called - HE ANSWERED and Christians are praying and angels descending , AND OUR MIGHTY LORD IS MOVING -

Pilgrim Pals said...

I like what pilot mom said Julie - GIVE HER A SPECIAL TIME IN YOUR WORD -- thats the best advice

Pilgrim Pals said...

yes - what pilot mom said --IN YOUR WORD - thats the key Julie


David Warren Fisher said...

Dear Julie:

You can count on our prayers! We are already bomarding heaven on your behalf. Satan is a defeated foe but he keeps rearing his ugly head trying to bring defeat, doubt, despair, discouragement and all the other dirty "d's" to believers.

Finally, my sister, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.

Ephesians 6:10

Standing with you,

The Pilgrim Pals