Saturday, July 21, 2007


Just got in from a day long ride with my sweet wife -- beautiful weather here in Indiana - stopped by some Amish road side stands , pretty country and what a nice way to start the day with some "fire & brimstone" from David's post this morning on the harry potter book and the feedback from the "regulars" in here - and also on "plunging in boldly" post ---


why , IN OUR GOD AND HIS GOSPEL !! and can U imagine the devil just hating this kind of wake up call from the "brethren" --- he screams at his demons , " THEY ARE NOT DISCOURAGED AT ALL !! ----------

As Heb 11:1 commented the other day -- "Onward Christian Soldiers"

So --- as this day progresses, let us come with full assurance , to the Throne and offer up sacrifices for loved ones , for needs , for the unsaved, and lace it with Praise to HIM .



Pilot Mom said...

I'm singing Praises right now! My heart is lifted up and a "joyful noise" is coming forth from my mouth! :D

passing-thru said...

U guys have been thru alot , more than I can realise --
I have appreciated your "depth" of Christian character , the quality of your "walk"

I left a website on Samuel Brengle for U - I will put it here

passing-thru said...

Claire - that ends with the words

Pilot Mom said...

Got it. Thank you for your kind words.

*smiling* Actually, it's more than I can realise sometimes. :)

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru
I was thinking about this post at meeting.
i didn't get a chance to comment on it or you other good one.
You are NOT preachy Passing-thru.
Always enjoy everything you have to say!!
In Morning meeting today as they passed the loaf of bread and then the cup I thought as each brother and sister took the cup and drank a sip from it, that it is just so amazing all of the finger prints that woould all be woven together on that cup and the oneness of the Christians as we remembered the Lord who died for us.
Fingerprints...raceless, young or old, poor or rich, strong or weak..all mingled together!!

I thought of David and his pilgrim pals..WE are all together...different personalities, strong and weak but loving the same Lord. loving to pray together..

Have to go now to pick kids up!..from Pligrim pal Terry

Talk later!


Thanks Terry -- what wise words - so true on the "fingerprints" - we ARE woven into ONE FABRIC

Really good words , and so appreciated by this passing-thru person