Sunday, July 22, 2007

Getting To Know the Ol' Pilgrim

Dear Laura-Mae:

Thanks so much for taking the initiative to do this! It's a great idea! Hopefully all the PILGRIM PALS will respond and we'll all be better acquainted with each other.

Here are my answers:

1. Name/Pilgrim Pal User-Name: David Fisher, the Pilgrim

2. Favourite Food: I guess Swiss Chalet chicken

3. Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario

4. Parent's names: Chester & Jean Fisher

5. What did you study in post-secondary school?: I dropped out after grade 12 but took a number of courses at Ontario Bible College, now called Tyndale University and Seminary

6. When and how did you come to know the Lord?: When I was 6 year old. My mother and I listened to Young Canada Bible Hour on the radio and I asked my mom how I could be saved following the broadcast. It was April 6th, 1952 on a Sunday morning in Toronto.

7. How did you meet your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend?: At the Peoples Church in Toronto

8. If you could meet someone face to face (other than God), who would it be?: George Muller of Bristol, England

9. If you were given the chance to build your dream home, where would it be located and who would you want your neighbour to be?: Perhaps a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and the singing group Greater Vision could live closeby

10. How did you discover Pilgrim Pals or Pilgrim Scribblings?: You know this answer to this one but just in case...the Lord led me to start Pilgrim Pals and Pilgrim Scribblings

O. K. Pilgrim Pals, there you have my answers. Now it's your turn! Thanks again Laura-Mae.
P. S. Thanks to all who are praying for Matthew (pictured with his dad) this week. It means a lot!


hebrews 11:1 said...

Nice photo.

I love reading the answers, but I thought you liked Kelseys?!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

Thx David -- that laura-mae started something now --

Still waitng on Terry --

I think I will be turning in soon- tired -- how was your day David - alot of driving to that camp?

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey Pals!

Have y'all invited a new Pal to join? Tomorrow is the 23rd...

Mr. Fisher...Is the rumor correct that Mike is joining? ;)

Lil Pilgrim Pal