Sunday, July 22, 2007

To go to church or not...

When I woke up this morning I was faced with a choice - to go to church or laze around the apartment. Being single, I often do not feel accountable to get up and get going. Hey, after all, I thought, it's a beautiful, sunny day - why not go to the beach or just sit on my balcony and read the Bible and other Christian literature. God wouldn't mind - He knows I love Him! I'll honor him with my prayers and worship at home. Then something occured to me - corporate worship is powerful and brings honour to God. So, off I went to church and it was a beautiful time of worship - the power of corporate praise - wow!! Can't wait until we get home - to Heaven and sing His praises forever.....Holy, Holy, Holy - worthy is the Lamb!

I have 3 prayer requests to begin this week:

1) My supervisor returns tomorrow from a 3 week vacation. Although she can be very nice, she has a foul mouth at times and I find it disturbs the whole peaceful nature of the office. Most of us, Christian or not, do not use such language. Although, I admit, when you are exposed to it enough .....sometimes things slip off the tongue that are not godly! So pray for Elizabeth - her salvation and her tongue to be bound!

2) Continue to pray for Todd - he is a marked man by Satan because I am asking the Father for the privileged of introducing Todd to His Son, Jesus. I want this privileged whether or not Todd and I ever go beyond friendship. He was brought into my life, arranged by God, I believe. Todd is on God's radar!

3) Pray for my parents, especially my dad. They know Jesus, but they really don't
know Jesus - if you know what I mean! Confused? Hope not. I just mean that they are church-goers but have always lacked a real knowledge of the love and salvation of God. I've had some rough goings with my parents over the years - but now that they are in their late 70's I am really concerned about their relationship (or lack of) with the Lord.

Thanks and God bless you fellow Pilgrims.

Julie (Little Missionary)


passing-thru said...

Good post Julie -- so many needs - but this is why we are still here- saved to share the Good News -
By your calm ,confident witness, of REAL GRACE at work in your life, these people will see JESUS in U , thats all that God asks -
so , yes, praying one for another , we remain, "pals"

David Warren Fisher said...

We've got you covered, Julie! Glad you chose to be in the Lord's house today. We weren't as we were taking Matthew to camp. Missed it.

Praying for you,



Julie, I can confess I struggled today to get up and go. I even tried to talk my hubby into staying home. I'm glad he said no!! It was a very blessed day for me, and it sounds like it was one for you, too! :D

Amazing how God does that, isn't it? ;)