Friday, July 13, 2007


Terry and Heb 11:1 and I were sharing of how God "leads" and lets us know at times who to pray for and how God then works HIS work in their and our lives - This is "one" of those GOD THINGS - I am "leary" of posting too much as I don't want people to think that I think I am something - the only thing I am is a sinner redeemed by Grace and I have been so much a failure but this was "one" of those times --- An older Christian friend that we knew years earlier in Vermont, well , he was aged and failing in health - we were in Rhode Island and felt for this older friend - we considered going up to visit him and his wife, my wife said to her employers one day," we have to take some time off and go and visit this gentleman as he has only a few days to live " ?? after Joanne said that , at home she said to me, I don't know why I said he had only a few days to live ? - we didn't discuss any more, we went up to Vermont and found he was in the hospital and when he seen me , he exclaimed loudly to all around - see this man ! he is the only man to tell me about Jesus without wanting something in return - this man is my friend - well , his wife said , upon seeing me that it was the first time he became cognizant of his surroundings or his health - we embraced and shared the GOOD NEWS AGAIN -- two days later he had his homecoming -- and no one knew he was that close to his homecoming - amazing stuff this GOD THINGS ARE -----------passing-thru


Terry said...

Oh Passing-thru...This is such a lovely story.
You know with all the work I did in hospitals and in nursing homes, I was always so amazed how long suffering is our Lord in giving the sinner one more chance on his death bed of accepting Him as their Saviour.
Of course, I would never tell this to an unsaved person though because God says, "NOW" is the day of salvation."
Don't wait because you might never have a death bed.
You might be taken suddenly with a heart attack or in a car "accident."

Terry said...

"Life's setting sun is almost 'ore
A little while and I must go
To meet the Lord Who died for me
And live with Him eternally!"

passing-thru said...

Yes Terry, U are so right -- "He that hath ears let him hear"

We people tend to "scoff" at eternal issues , strange isn't it -thats all part of the "darkness" of the soul --

I am glad to be "saved"