Wednesday, July 11, 2007

God's blessings!

I love to share our blessings because the Lord tells us to. By sharing our blessings we are pointing our listeners to our almighty Lord and Savior! Oh! I have so many to share but I'll share only one for now. I think I've shared this before on my blog but it was probably long before you all began reading my blog.

One morning Pilot (our son and only child) woke me up on a school day by telling me there were bags of groceries on our front porch. For one who takes a looong time to wake up this really lit a fire under me! Lol!

We dashed to the front door and sure enough there are several bags of groceries on the porch. Pilot helps me to bring them in. They are deposited on our kitchen counter and we begin to unpack the bags. As we unpack a "theme" of sorts begins to emerge. All of the food was "our favorites." I am a huge fan of Classic Coke, that was in there. There were pretzels of the brand we liked. There was cereal which Pilot liked and there was food which Pilot Dad loved. Someone had taken the care of providing us with grocieries of our favorite foods and brands.

I stood there a little perplexed. Yes, we were indeed going through a rough spot but I had just been to the grocery store and we were "stocked" up, so to speak. It was a mystery to Pilot and me. As soon as PD arrived home from work Pilot shared with him what had happened.

The next day, I went to check the mail before going to pick up Pilot from school. In the mail were two grocery gift cards for $250.00 US dollars each. I began crying. My parents were coming for Thanksgiving in a few weeks and these gift cards were going to help tremendously.

I picked up Pilot from school and he immediately noticed I had been crying. ;) He asked what was going on...why the tears. Soundlessly I hand the envelope over to him and he took out the note and gift cards and read the note.

He immediately said to me, "Mom, do you think it is the same person for the bags of groceries and the gift cards?" I replied, "Well, I don't know. You know, God can put a desire in several different peoples hearts at the same time. So it really could be different people."

He looked at me and said, "Do you know what I think? I think it was an angel that delivered all of our favorite groceries and now, the gift cards are from someone whom God has moved."

Why do you believe it to be an angel?"

"Well," he replied, "the dog didn't bark when the bags were delievered. You know how he carries on when someone approaches the house...even the paper boy every single morning gets barked at." "That is certainly a consideration, Pilot, but unless God reveals it to us, I guess we won't know."

We were almost home when he shared that he had told the kids at school during Praise and Prayer time that we had had groceries delivered to our home. I caught my breath. You see, we had Pilot enrolled in a Christian school which, on paper, never looked like it could work, yet the Lord always saw fit that the money was there for tuition. These kids came from affluent families. Once when James was about 5 (in kindergarten) he told me he couldn't wear "those" jeans anymore. "Really?" I replied. "Why is that?" "Look Mama, it doesn't have the right patch on the back." So I sat down and explained to my young son that we are not defined by what we wear. There will be many times in life when he will rub shoulders with people much more well off financially than he is and, likewise, he will be rubbing shoulders with people less fortuant than he is. So he needed to understand that he shouldn't be reflecting an image of clothes etc to the people he is around but rather, he should be concerned about the image of Christ he was portraying. He was not born to show off who he, Pilot was, but he was a child of God who needed to be sure he was reflecting Christ's image to all he came in contact with, whether they be rich or poor. Sorry...I went down a bunny trail.

But all of that which I just told certainly was the reason my heart skipped a couple of beats. You see, I had a pride issue in that I really didn't want people to know exactly how poor we were. So I asked James what he had said in class and what had been the response. He said he told how someone had left groceries etc. For the response of the others, he said they just asked how come we just didn't go to the store and buy our own groceries. One child said that she thought it was exciting to see how God worked.

I began preparing dinner and he went off to his room to study. I wrestled with my pride and the attitude of the majority of the students. Finally, I prayed and then I went into his room. I told him how proud I was of him for sharing God's blessings with his classmates. And, I told him we should never be ashamed of telling how God has blessed us. I also shared with him if I had been his age and had shared the story with my classmates and received the response he had, I would have been mortified. I went on and said it was sad that they couldn't see the Lord working in their own lives so personally like we could in ours. You see their dad's would have very good jobs provided by God which would enable them to just write a check if they happened to need tires for their car. However, those children, because of their situation, might not ever see God provide up close and personal. For when we needed tires for our car we had to pray and wait for God to provide. So by sharing our situation with others they can hear and see how God is a personal God and cares for our every need.

I sure didn't mean to write so is much easier and faster to speak the story rather than type it all out! :)


passing-thru said...


PLEASE ALWAYS SHARE THESE BLESSINGS -- I , like U have many , and I probably over the years have forgotten some --

I so enjoyed this sharing - thx Pilot Mom

hebrews 11:1 said...

I really liked that story! God IS faithful, isn't he?!

Terry said...

Oh How beautiful Pilot-mom!
And how proud I would of been with the Pilot!

Often in our large family, we were short on everything.
In fact it used to bother Betty and me that we never had the luxury of shampoo.
We used to have to use dish soap!

One time we had no food in the house and I will never forget how thankful my mom was when some neighbors came to the door with a big supper fixed, more than enough for nine kids and a mom and dad.
Oh ...and it was spaghetti, made with meat and cheese.
Now mom made good pasta but she used tomato soup..could rarely afford meat or cheese!
And also included in that big supper was dessert!!

This was such a good story.Pilot-mom.

Remember when I told you that sometimes people cry when they are happy.
Well I guess you are just like that Pilot-mom!....Love Terry