Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We Have The Authority

I'm reading a really good book right now called "Devil, Don't Touch My Stuff!" by Ed Dufresne. I am only a little ways into the book and let me tell you, there is some powerful stuff in this book!

Anyways, it's been on my mind ever since I started reading it, and I wanted to share the basic idea with all of you. Christ has given us authority over the devil...but the devil doesn't want us to remember that, so he tries to convince us that we should be scared of him and the circumstances we are in. And personally speaking, I have allowed him to scare me many times in the past, but slowly and surely I am starting to put him in his place!

I've been studying a lot lately about praising Him in everything, and also about how the things we say are the fruit of our lips, and we eat that fruit. So, I am trying to speak life and positive things as opposed to negative. This book seems to be fitting in with what I am learning, because the author is showing that we are not to accept the lies of the devil, and that we have the authority, in Jesus' name to stand up to the devil and speak out in faith!

One story that the author tells is about two women who were both miraculously healed of cancer. The devil started telling both that the cancer had returned and that they had not been healed like they thought. One of the women told the devil to back off in Jesus' name, because her God had healed her and she praised Him for the healing. The other woman said, "I guess I am not meant to be healed", and later died.

When they sent her body for an autopsy they found no trace of any cancer in her body! She had been healed, but satan convinced her of symptoms she didn't have!

I like reading about blessings or "God-things" that happen to people...maybe we should start sharing even more of them on here. Do you write down blessings and miracles that you have received? I haven't been doing that lately like I should be, but I would challenge you that if you aren't already doing so, to start, because on those days when the devil starts yakking in your ear about things, it's nice to have concrete proof written down about everything God has done for you!

Now to go get my "Blessing Book" and start writing! :0)

Julie (Sweet Inspirations)


passing-thru said...

NEAT -- your post goes along with the "GOD THINGS" as I just wrote earlier on "TESTIFY"


Lord Bless

hebrews 11:1 said...

Great idea!

My mom was healed from ovarian cysts miraculously. She had me, and then 2 miscarriages, and after an ultrasound found out she had cysts. The doctor coldly told her she would not be able to have any more children. We went on a trip a few days later, and visited our former church in the US. There was a guest speaker there, and he gave a call for anyone who wanted to have children but could not, to come up and he would pray for them. My mom went up. When we came back from vacation, she went into the doctor for a previously scheduled follow-up, and the cysts were gone. My parents praised the Lord, and said it was Him who had healed her, but the doctor just coldly said, "I don't know what happened to them. They're not there anymore." A year later, my sister who you know as Praying sens fan-- or Lil Montreal Girl-- was born. Oh, and she was born blue with the cord wrapped around her neck. It was a miracle she was born alive!

One day when I have plenty of time, I'll write about the day I had an operation...that was a special day in my life, talk about blessings!

Have a BLESSED day in the Lord,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

Good comment Heb girl --

its testifying of God's goodness that encourages the church

years ago in the ministry, my wife and I logged answers to prayer and "God Things" and for a period of time would share with groups all the wonderful things that happend -- somewhere over the years I lost that journal -- should start a new one , (the devil would not like that )

Terry said...

What about your little Sunshine?
She was born later too, eh Hebrews 11:1?

My sister, Gail had a child that was born with a mild form of MD and HER doctor told her that she should never have any more babies.
Well she wasn't going to listen to him.
She said if God gave her more babies, she would take them.
She had two more boys and all three of her sons are "special".
And they were sent to special parents who would love them with all of their hearts.
Lil Pilgrim...if you go to the post that I did of all my family pictures, you will see the photo of Gail's three children.

Take care...Love Mrs. Shirkie