Saturday, July 7, 2007

God's Quilt

Dear Pilgrim Pals:

If you haven't visited Especially Heather, please do. See the link under Pilgrim Pals' Blogs. What a blessing her writing is! She has such a godly outlook on her situation. We love you, Heather, and we're continuing to trust God with you and for you.

David and all the Pilgrim Pals

Heather writes:

I receive many gifts, and each one of them is precious to me.. But I couldn’t help but let this person know how much her gift touched my heart. I don’t have her blog address, so maybe she will read this and feel comfortable giving that out. Melinda emailed me a few days ago and asked if I had received her gift, or if I had a notice on my door from UPS. I told her I hadn’t received it, she called her local post office. We tracked it down to my local post office and I went to pick it up. I sat in my car and cried as I read the letter. (I emailed her and asked her permission to post her letter and pictures of the quilt)

Dear Heather:

I have started this letter a dozen times if not a hundred. I guess I should start by introducing myself.My name is Melinda Hollis. I’m 31 years old. My sister Amber is 24, and my dad is Bill Gardner. We lost my mom in May of last year.

My mom had a brain tumor. She had a different type than yours. She had a fast growing Glioblastoma, Grade IV. She was diagnosed in March of ‘04.

My mom was my best friend. She taught me how to quilt, how to cook, how to be hospitable, how to be a good mom and wife, and how to love God.

The reason I am telling you all of this is so you understand. Maybe this small bit of her life will help you.

Before she got sick, she made quilts. She was a good quilter. She actually pieced this one. I was supposed to finish it for one of her sisters. But I couldn’t. My mom, my teacher was sick. My heart wasn’t in quilting anymore.

She inspired me in so many ways. She talked about radiation and how she would pray. Her favorite verse became one from Matthew 25-27.

And this quilt, which I couldn’t finish before, is her gift to me. It has allowed me to quilt again. It has helped me to mourn. It has helped me to grow.

And so, I give this quilt to you. Before you get worried, I asked both my dad and my sister and they agreed. My mom would want you to have this.

To prove this: When I asked BooMama what your favorite colors were, she told me sage green. This is the ONLY sage green I had set aside. Everything else I have is in bright green or blue. BooMama said it then, I’ll say it now: It was a God thing.

Heather, my prayer is that you make a 100% recovery, that you see your children grow and that when your time comes, that you are 85 years old. I hope that this quilt brings you comfort. Thank you for allowing me this small part in your recovery.

SincerelyIn Him,


And then her sister wrote me a note:

Dear Heather,

I was first introduced to you by my sister who pointed me the direction of your blog. I was touched by the outpouring of love that I saw from others read your blog. I was also very moved by your love for Christ and the faith you share with so many. What an amazing way to witness for Christ! I am constantly encouraged by the joy you have and am blessed daily.

I know this is such a difficult time for you. And it may seem like no one knows how you feel. Like no one understands the pain, loneliness, or even hopelessness you experience. But rest assured there is One who does. Take comfort in this quilt, and be reminded that you are not alone. The hands that made this quilt have been there. There are people who you havent even met that pray for you and your family.

Trust in Him who gives life and hope and joy!

May God continue to use you for His glory,


Heather wrote back:

Melinda and Amber,

Thank you. Thank you for this beautiful quilt, but most of all thank you for giving me the gift of your moms story. She sounds like a wonderful person, and she obviously raised two very beautiful girls. You will never know what your kindness and generosity mean to me. Your moms quilt lays at the foot of my bed, and every time I walk into my bedroom, I smile when I look at it.. I picture your mom, and it does my heart so much good to know that she would have wanted me to have this quilt. It is beautiful, not only in colors but also in the story behind its creation. I will cherish it always, along with your precious mothers story. I promise..
Thank you for thinking of me.



passing-thru said...

WOW ---------- WHAT CAN I SAY !


Terry said...

Isn't it lovely Passing-thru?!
Just as lovely as the little girl it was sent to!.
..From Pligrim pal Terry

passing-thru said...

YES TERRY -- great testimony -- glad about your dad , Terry !

He will have reason to thankyou for your loving daughter's heart - alive forever because of God's Spirit - good stuff this Christianity

hebrews 11:1 said...

WOW! What a story!
From, Lil Pilgrim Pal whose mom was a big-time quilter several years ago