Saturday, July 7, 2007

Praying For Dad Golden

Dear Pilgrim Pals:

This prayer for Terry's father, Dad Golden, was posted as a comment to an earlier post. In case you didn't read it earlier, I've posted it here. Please join me in trusting God to bring this dear man to a saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ. As you read the prayer, make it yours as well and let's believe together for Dad Golden's salvation.

Thank you!


Here's that prayer:

Eternal God:

I pray today in Jesus' name that You will use whomever You choose to touch Dad Golden's life and bring Him to Yourself.

Equip Terry and Bernie and all the other believers in their family to say and do exactly what is needed to impact Dad Golden's life in such a way that he will fall at Your feet and ask for mercy.

Thanks for every indication that he is softening his heart towards You.

We, as Pilgrim Pals, agree together that it is Your will that none should perish but that ALL (including Dad Golden) should come to repentance.

Therefore we lift him up before You today, believing that You desire to save him and make him one of Your own.

We entrust him to You and wait expectantly for the news that he has invited You to take control.

Thank You for the blessed assurance we have as believers, knowing that we have a blessed hope ahead of us.

Today I commit Terry and Bernie to You and thank You for the encouragment and blessing they have been to me, their fellow pilgrim.

Thank You for what You will do today!

We pray in the holy name of Your Son Jesus,



hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you for the reminder to lift Mr. Golden in prayer. What a lovely photo you chose!

May God bless your day,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

Yes --- from what Terry said , about him talking in his sleep - its encouraging to think that God is working - plus , why shouldn't it be so ! Pray, belieiving - sowing with hope -

Will remember to pray for dad Golden, imagine his happiness THAT MOMENT UPON BELIEVING AND TRUSTING

Terry said...

I thank you so much!!

Bernie and I just got home and I must tell you again ..Thank you very much.
It will be such a blessed day when my dad gets saved,
How it would be so nice for my mom!
A couple of weeks ago she told me that Dad Golden was getting to be just like the boy that she used to know when they first met.
That is really something!
When Dad was young, he and his 12 bothers and sisters were picked up for Sunday School every week, so I am sure that the seed was planted then and so Dad knows the gospel,
NOW he just has to accept it for himself!!
What a difference it will make in his life and in Mom's.
Dad's mother was saved when she was in her 70's... Thanks again...Love from Pilgrim pal, Terry

David Warren Fisher said...


My pleasure, dear friend! What a day of rejoicing that will be!

Be refreshed in the Lord today!

In Him,


Pilot Mom said...

This excites me Terry! To see a stone cold heart being softened right before our eyes is such a miracle which only God can perform!

I have been praying specifically for a hedge of protection around your father so the seeds which are planted cannot be snatched away by the enemy! May your father continue to soften and turn toward our great and mightly Lord and Savior!!! May His Spirit continue to work in your father drawing him to the Lord, all the way until his salvation is complete!!