Saturday, July 7, 2007

Joshua's Pleasant Progress

Dear Friends:

We asked you to pray for Reggie & Jessica Pleasant's 14-year-old son Joshua as he was having a critical surgical procedure yesterday.

Here is the update that came from Reggie to Steve Kearns, the Toronto Argonauts' chaplain.

God is good and He answers prayer!


Here's Reggie's report:

"Thank you for the encouraging e-mail. Praise God!!! All went well yesterday.Joshua’s 3 and a half hour surgery was successful and he is recovering at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. He should be home soon. Thank you again for being in prayer with us. What an amazing God we serve!!!

Love in Christ,


Note: You'll see a small phrase on the upper, left corner of the Argonauts' pennant that says, "PULL TOGETHER". That's what many prayer partners did on behalf of Joshua Pleasant. THANKS!


Terry said...

Oh Thanks for telling us David..
What great answers we are getting from God!
So happy for Joshua and for Reggie and Jessica..
Happy for these parents because I know that when their child suffers, they suffer too!

You know what is nice Pilgrim David?
When someone asks you to pray for them, that they let you know the results...
That was so nice of Reggie to tell us, and now we can be praying in a different way for Joshua, that he will have a good recovery.

David Warren Fisher said...

AMEN, Terry!

As I get more responses to our other prayer requests, I will post them.

Standing together,


Terry said...

You always do David and we appreciated it!
Remember all the times you gave us reports on your niece Holly?
We always apprieciated it.
What an answer to prayer she was, eh?..
We can never say those were the good old days either, David because we are still getting the good NEW days of answered prayers!!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

What a faith building community this is! Seeing clear answers to prayer is so awesome. I can't wait to give more news of answers to prayers I have put forward for the Pilgrims! I haven't heard any word about John yet - the young man who has attempted suicide several times - but I know God is watching over him. And, Todd and I haven't had our "date" yet.

Blessings on your day.


hebrews 11:1 said...

God is good! Praise the Lord!

Yes, Pilgrim, thank you for letting us know.

For those of you who suggested verses for the cards I was making for the soccer players, here's what I chose: some have on the front--eiter Phil. 4:13 or Colossians 3:23; for the back some have either-- John 3:16; Romans 5:8 AND John 3:16; Jeremiah 33:3.
I am printing them now!

Please pray also for my siblings...they are looking forward to it, but 2 brothers are having a very bad additude because we are meeting with believers first, and THEN leaving for the game at WHATEVER time we finish with the saints, which could be after the game's begun. I really want everyone to be able to go, especially my youngest brother, because he's the one who hands out the cards, but with their additudes, my parents have said that they'll leave them home. I really feel Satan is trying to discourage some of my siblings because he(Satan) is VERY upset with our missionary efforts, to which I would reply, TOUGH! Please join me in prayer...thank you.

I'm heading off for a nap, so I can enjoy the evening refreshed!

LIl Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

Being away I didn't know about Joshua surgery -- God is good --- I hope always to have the spiritual maturity to be able to know that and say that , even if things "seem" to go wrong or difficult times --
ALSO - very impressed with Heb 11:1 family -- passing out scripture , missionary effort - what a testimony this family must have -- am impressed -- I pat myself on the back when saying grace in a resturant - this family makes the EFFORT for CHRIST