Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HEB 11:1

Could someone please post this for me? Thank you!Hello, Fellow Pilgrim Pals!I don’t know if you read my update in the comments on Sunday, so I’m typing all this up again.We had a great experience at the soccer game. The whole time I reminded myself that we were there as a witness for Christ, and I think all your prayers helped tremendously. We ALL passed out a lot of verse cards, well, almost all of us kids, including a 9-year-old friend whom we’re close with. He had just come back from a Christian camp with his family, and I discussed the events there with him. With all the enthusiasm in his voice, he spoke LOUDLY, and I’m sure all the fans in our stand heard us discuss the Bible memory verses, the songs (Jesus Loves Me; He’s Big God) sung around the fire, and where Jesus is (in our hearts; all around us). I had a blast talking with friends and family of the players, and Lil Montreal Girl played jr. reporter as she followed our friend who writes for the paper. She ran out on the field and interviewed the players after the game, and even walked off the field with one (it was unintentional, but nevertheless amusing!). During halftime, they played a rousing song with a catchy tune…something that said, “would you be my girl?” I can’t remember the rest, but having just finished praising the Lord a few hours earlier, I was still in tune with music, and caught myself swaying a little to the tune. Woah! I thought…I’ve got to be a good witness here! My sister said she caught herself moving a little on the stands, too! Well, the girls all around us were gesturing to the players as they moved to the music, and the guys were doing the same…if I were on ice, I think I would’ve really skated fast, as I always do when a fast beat tune comes on at the arena. Anyways…Another thing to update…the lady I gave the Bible to died last Saturday. My neighbor who delivered the Bible called me to let me know. All her belongings will go to her brother, so I’m going to pray that he has such a curiosity with that Book, that he can’t put it down. And all the tracts and stuff I sent along with it as well!An answer to my own prayer, I’ll be working for a neighbor few hours a day, a few days a week. I haven’t had much income since I had to close my business I owned for several years, due to health problems. It will be the first job where I am not working for myself…that will be a change, but certainly a pleasant change in pay, too! Please pray that I can be a witness to this Jewish family I’ll be working for. Also, my sister will go instead on days that I can’t, so please pray for her, too. Thank you.That’s it for now…enough, eh?Have a blessed evening!Lil Pigrim Pal


Terry said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1
What a good update on you work for the Lord at the game!
I am sure that the seed you planted would have fallen on good ground somewhere at that game.
And the people around you could not help but notice how happy you were talking about Sunday School songs and talking about the Bible..

Little Pilgrim...have you ever heard of the Seed Sowers?
They make John 3:16 and a few other verses on paper, really nice flowerd paper, so nice that people can frame them and put them on their living room walls.
The young people in out assemblies pass them out door to door.
They will do a whole city at a time.
Grampa Yade has a grandson that sells houses and he told his grampa one day that as he sees a LOT of houses on the inside, he knows for a fact that at least a third of these homes have the framed verses hanging on their walls , and most of the people aren't even saved!
Who knows how many will be in heaven because of the work that you and your family and the young poeple do in throwing the good seed out to the lost!
It will be nice to see you in heaven Little Pilgrim with a group of people around you, telling how they were saved just reading those little gospel cards that you so bravely gave out!!
Have to go to bed now.
Have to get up at five in the morning....Love Mrs. Shirkie

passing-thru said...

It's refreshing to see your "heart" for the Lord

An age where "its all about me" and then to read this post of someone sharing "THE GOOD NEWS" because of the Love that was Shed for them

REFRESHING -------- EH !

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, Passing-thru, have you become Canadianized? I must admit that I never used that word "eh" in my life before I got on here! It is really such a slang word, and since I worked a lot with clients over the phone, through e-mail, and in person I had to make sure that my speech was exellent and vocabulary was proper. I still can't speak like those wealthy people in Westmount (a rather distinguished district in Montreal, although it does have a middle and lower class)...their speech is impeccable and beautiful...but I wasn't raised in a high-class neighborhood like they were :)

Mrs. Shirkie...I think I have some tracts by Seed Sowers, but I have not heard of their nice papers. I will have to look into that, although it will probably be just to copy their idea! I am in the photography business right now, so I try to imitate the regular scripture cards so it will cost me less. I used to spend a fortune on those cards back when I dropped them all over my local supermarket, and other stores. I got scared out of there, and even though those workers have since left, I rarely drop any cards there.

I have one confession to make about that soccer game...I never prayed for the players and fans! I recall thinkng I should pray for "my team" because they were losing, but in all the excitment, I failed to do what I love to do when I listen to sports on the radio: pray for the players. Oh, well. I'll keep the little sheet of their names that a mom of the players gave me, and pray for them by name!

Lil Pilgrim Pal