Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sitting in the monthly board meeting, I was a young Christian with 3 little children and barely enough money to pay the bills, we had a "missionary" scheduled and the pastor's wife was very very ill, she was in the hospital and he asked the "board" could someone pick up the missionary from the airport and put him up overnite for our meeting and then take him back to the airport the following day ? For whatever reason, no one volunteered ! We had people that were well to do -could have easily entertained this missionary but no one offered - as I sat there, "a still small voice" not audible but HIS VOICE none the less - said - OFFER TO TAKE HIM - , I did, and the pastor and the board looked at me, they knew I was dirt poor, plus , I was just warned by work not to take any more time off of work for "religious" reasons, I met with Christians and prayed for pastors wife , she was so close to dying -anyway - I lived on a 3rd floor tennement building, no extra guest room , no money - so I spoke up and said yes , I will take him - pastor shrugged his shoulders and said OK , thanks --
I took time out of work , picked up the missionary, my dear wife and I put him in our master bedroom, (he thought it was a guest room) she slept on an army cot , I slept on the floor in a closet room, the kids were squarshed in their room as usual - My wife took "bill" money and bought extra food , she cooked up special meals for our guest , we treated him like royalty - after I took him back to the airport, I then went to work from there, the owners "glared and groweled" at me , but didn't fire me --
We had spent out of bill money and what I lost from not working, came to $100.00 dollars, we had no savings back then - at the end of that week , in the mail came a check for $100.00 dollars from some people we had no contact with in years - they "remembered" us and that we had given them money in the past to help them -- LIKE U ALL OUT THERE, U HAVE MANY TESTIMONIES OF HOW GOD BLESSES - this is just one of many that we have had --
WHEN GOD SAYS TO DO OR TO GO - U CAN BE SURE OF HIM PROVIDING -- like when HE said to timid Gideon, go down to the edge of the Midianites and listen to what they say and when he heard that the Midianites dreamt of a little cake of barley rolling down the hill and squashing a big tent of the Midianites , he knew GOD WAS WITH HIM ---

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Terry said...

Another nice story Passing-thru!

So nice to rmember this as you are waiting on the Lord to send that job along.
I know how hard it is to wait.
I guess we all have that problem and God knows we do because how come He tells us so many times in both the Old Testament and New Testament to wait!....From Pilgrim Pal Terry