Sunday, July 22, 2007


Years ago while attending a small church, we would go out on a Thursday nite and visit the "visitors" who attended the previous Sunday - I took my wife this time and she was "nervous" as she is very shy - this home we visited was a man I had been witnessing to as he was in a"backslidden" condition and married to an unsaved woman. We arrived at their home and stepping up on the porch , I rang the bell. Howard answers the door and I could see in the background his wife at the table with just an angry look on her face , "Come in" he says, I gently nudge my wife along and she dosen't move - my hand on the small of her back , I nudge again - Howard is wondering , why isn't she coming in ? Finally, my wife says ok, and steps OUT OF HER HIGH HEELS and walks in ! Her heel got WEDGED into a KNOTHOLE on the porch and she couldn't move -- well the story ended up like this -- we had a good visit - The Lord later restored Howard , his catholic wife GOT SAVED , they moved to Tennesee and he became a minister and him and his wife pastored a church. - Years later , We got a letter from Howard's wife , she wept tears of thankfullness on that letter of grattitude to me for witnessing and staying after Howard to come back to the Lord and for our visit and sharing True Salvation by Faith in the Finished Work of Christ ------------- Is there a KNOTHOLE that has WEDGED U from serving the Lord ---



David Warren Fisher said...

Great story, Bob! Thanks so much for your contribution to PILGRIM PALS. Your such an important part of what God is doing through this site.

Have a wonderful Lord's day, dear friend!

In His love,


Terry said...

This is such a good story Passing-thru!!
from Terry


Lord Bless U David , and Terry and all our "pals" friends --