Sunday, July 22, 2007

Off To Camp

This morning we are leaving to take Matthew to Camp Medeba, the Bible camp he has enjoyed the last three summers. His best friend Alex will be there too.

Matthew's legs have really been bothering him the last few days especially. That's why he had to drop out of the goalie camp. He is sitting in a hot bath as I write this post, hoping to relieve some of the aches and pains.

Please pray for Matthew when he comes to mind. He loves going to camp but at times in the past, other boys in his cabin have teased him and have not been very nice to him. Matthew takes everything in stride but it must bother him. Please pray that his tender heart will be enriched during the chapels and quiet times. Matthew loves the Lord.

Thanks so much, dear Pilgrim Pals! You enrich my life more than you realize!

Grateful to God for each of you,

David, the Pilgrim


Terry said...

Dear David...Just off to pick up kids for Sunday School, but want to say hi to Matthew and we will be praying for the little guy.
I hope he has a real good time at camp David! from Terry

What do you mean "when" he comes to mind David?
I think all the Pilgrim Pals can honestly say that he is on our mind lots of times!

David Warren Fisher said...


THANKS SO MUCH! You are such a wonderful friend!

Be encouraged today, my PILGRIM PAL.

The journey "home" takes on a whole new perspective when you have such wonderful traveling companions doesn't it!





Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hi David,

I will definately remember Matthew in prayer this week. Kids can be cruel - even Christians unfortunately - part of our fallen nature I guess. I'm glad Matthew's friend will be there - praise God for friendships! Blessings,

passing-thru said...

Hello Julie aka Lil Missionary !

Good to hear from U ------ hope all is well in your world - Terry expressed some real truth in her comment on my "fired up pilgrims" post - about ALL OF US being ONE , woven in the FABRIC OF GOD -
And your one of those special people in pals -- Lord Bless U as U walk with HIM

jel said...

Hope Matthew, have great time.

Terry said...

She sure is Passing-thru!
She is our own Little Missionary, Julie, Pilgrim Pal!!
from Pp Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Father God, I lift up Matthew and his friend Alex to you today. Would you move within their hearts and minds, their very souls, to see and learn something new and exciting about You this week?! I also pray for Matthew's legs, that they would not be a stumbling block in his ability to praise and glorify You this week. Protect all the kids, Lord. I pray for your Spirit to do a mighty work in the heart of every child attending. In Your Son's Precious Name I pray. Amen.

passing-thru said...

Yes - AMEN to Pilot Mom's prayer - may all this happen - The Loving God would so bless this young man and he will come home to say - " I HAD THE BEST TIME EVER "

David , U and your family are much loved , look how these "pals" rally --

donna said...

Praying for Matthew and all the others at camp....may God soften the hearts of all these boys against any teasing or unkind actions or words....Have a blesssed time Matthew...


hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll be praying for Matthew for sure...I can't stand it when anyone teases my littlest brother or makes unkind remarks because he's small for his age. I could honestly punch them sometimes...Yes, I get nasty if anyone touches my siblings!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for the outpouring of support for Matthew. We took him to camp this afternoon and he was quite content to say "goodbye". His friend Alex will be a great support for Matthew.

Please keep praying. By the way, Matthew is allergic to bees/wasps, etc. and there are quite a few of them around the camp. He has his epi-pen (sp?) with him though.

Thanks again, PILGRIM PALS!

Lots of love,


Prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

I'll be praying for your little goalie!

Little Montreal Girl

Felisol said...

Dear David, Father of Mattew,
I read your post yesterday and have been praying especially for Matthew and his friend Alex since then. It's heartbreaking when children are being badly treated from their Comrades. I hope the leaders are well aware of their responsability showing a none tolerance conerning mobbing.
Its always the weaker who are being attacked or frozen out. Neither teachers, preachers or youth leaders should accept such behaviour.
God bless you, all.