Thursday, July 12, 2007


Calling it a nite - the devil took his "whacks" at some of us today - but thats what he does - nothing more than we can bear and brethren, we have not yet been tested to blood , like so many in communist countries have done or in red china etc. --
GOD IS GOOD , thankyou Julie (sweet Inspirations) for sharing the way God blessed and more people gradually will share of "GOD THINGS" and it will bless and build the church -
Words sometimes fail me but I believe OVERALL that this blog site has blessed me and others -and so I can only say PRAISE GOD for this site and may it continue to be a "BEACON OF LIGHT" -- we know the devil has his best engineers working on demoralizing the "regulars" to this site ------------
GOOD NITE TO MY MANY NEW FRIENDS -- I am more and more impressed with Terry and Lil pilgrim's family -- GOD CENTERED , --- actually, I am impressed with all the regulars in here --- the depth and sincerety of the pilot moms and saijas and all of U ---
Over my 40 years in Christ , I have met many ships passing in the night , so have all of U , we will enjoy one another's company as we sail GOD'S OCEAN OF LIFE ----- passing-thru



Good Nite Passing-thur, God grant you sweet dreams! You are a blessing to us!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Psst, that last comment was from me - Little Missionary - the quiet one today :)
Resting in His presence!

passing-thru said...

yes Lil Missionary -- resting and taking one step at a time -- the weight should not be on U but on GOD , for HE SAID -- I WILL BE WITH U --------- we all have to put our "weights" on HIM

hebrews 11:1 said...

Okay, Passing-thru, I have only a few moments left, and will be on here longer tonight after 7, but here's the story on my operation:

I ws born with a "birthmark" as it was called, which was a bump that gradually grew when I hit adolescence. As it did, it affected a lot of my everyday activity. Without going into detail, because I was known by that birthmark, I will just leave it general. At any rate, I went to several specialists who also gave me their advice. I learned the most about it from a specailist I saw when I was 12, but it didn't bother me, so I didn't want it removed for cosmetic reasons. When it did bother me, I was 18. It was affecting me too much, so I wound up finding the "best in the world" on the subject, as I was told by the surgeon who referred him to me. I went into the hospital not knowing what to expect, because it was my first operation since I was a baby(a small birth defect, that time). I was horrified when I was told I had to completely undress and get into a hospital robe-like piece, because it meant I couldn't bring my scripture cards with me into the operating room and give them out to the people there!
After spending the morning waiting to be called, they finally took me from my mom, and brought me upstairs. I was left all alone in a hallway, and told someone would come for me when they were ready. All of a sudden, I felt the presence of my Savior. Jesus was right thereat my side, and I began talking aloud with Him. I told Him what a wonderful feeling it was to know He would be with me. I said the Devil can't scare me now, because my Lord is beside me. And if anything goes wrong in the operation, what do I have to worry about anyway? I'm already in the hospital; not like if I get hit by a car while crossing the street and have to be taken there! :) At this I started laughing softly. So we talked together for a while, and then I heard someone coming. A nurse passed and prayed for her., And another and I prayed for him. Silently, of course, but as soon as they were out of sight, I talked aloud with God. Well, one doctor walked by my 3 times. I don't know what wa wrong with him, because I prayed for him every time, but I guess he must have NEEDED all that prayer. And after the third time I burst out laughing. I wonder what everyone n earshot thought of someone laughing in such a sober setting! But is was so funny!

Then God sent me someone to talk to (in respnse to a prayer I had), and I told her "God bless you!" when she left. Friends, remember that the Devil does not like us to be so happy all the time! He was real mad with me! She walked around telling everyone taht I said that to her, and by the time they brought me in the room, everyone knew that. Up till then I'd been joking with everyone, and helpign to keep them light. They loved it. Now I had to be poked for the needle to be put in me. I ws going under general anesthesia. First the man started at my wrist. No, I said, I always hae blookd taken closer to my elbow, and it's always easy. Well, after trying both wrists, he thought he'd listen to me. No, it didn't work now! The second to the last try, with all these holes in my arms, I gave a faint scream. It was too much. He was very rough, and I felt a spritual battle. I will not write what he looked like, but let's just say they are not friends with the Chrsitian faith, and the religious of their type seek to kill Christians. I cried out to God in my heart to help , and he sent the anesthesiolgist to tell me to squeeze his hand if I felt any pain. The last jab was not so bad, but then I was told there was only one more option. My neck. I said, "God, you have me here, and You are here, too. Please guide their hands." It worked, of course, and I was out in no time. I was aware a little of their presence while I was under, and awoke in the recovery room, which was understaffed. I was asked if I had any pain. In truth, I felt a little. On ascale of 1 to 10, it was 3. But I said, No. In 10 minutes (i think,there weren't any clocks) the pain COMPLETELY PASSED, and I was trhough with pain. I was taken downstairs whereI recovered for a bit with my mom, and then let go. I passed out two scripture cards when I got my clothes on, to the kind nurses at the Montreal General. I was "o of it" for the next few days, but due in part to the many prayers of friends and family, I never had any pain. I tookone pain killer that evening, "just in case" at the advice of my aunt who's a nurse, and never took another pill. I had adjusted my supplements accordingly before and after surgery, but I know God is the ultimate healer, and because of Him I had no pain. Oh, it took me over a year to fully heal from that plastic surgery, but they did very delicate work.

So, there's my story on God's goodness. Now let me heed Mr. Fisher's advice, and do something productive. We've got guests coming Sunday (unsaved please pray), and I've got to do my part to clean up this mess!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

thankyou for the story - good stuff

I smiled when U said in your story , it was not like U were hit by a car in that U were already at the hospital -- I have been hit by cars 3 different times while a pedestrian -- once I was knocked right out of my work boots , face smashed against the windshield and then flipped over when the rear bumper caught my calf leg ( that was when cars had rear curved bumpers ) -- U have a good testimony Lil pilgrim

passing-thru said...

Heb 11:1 can I post your story so others can read it ?

hebrews 11:1 said...

yes, please, Passing thru