Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Out Of My Comfort Zone!

Okay, so I know that God likes to get me (and all of us) out of our comfort zone! Well, today he has done a doozy on me and so now I am sitting here trying to process what I have to do...let me explain!

I am going to a wedding on Saturday (which a couple of weeks ago I asked for prayer about it). It's a BIG wedding in terms of guests, food, etc. and probably going to be different from any wedding I've ever been too (a good different). There are going to be many unsaved people there, so please pray that God will be glorified during the day, and that those who don't know Him will see something in us that they are looking for and needing.

I have made the wedding's a "dummy" cake in that it is all fake. Since there are so many other desserts that are being made, the bride's mother (who is in charge of the cake) decided that no real cake was needed. Now the bride would like cake and I've been asked to make a BIG sheet cake.

Now for some cake decorators, that would be no problem. But I've never yet done a big cake like this, plus it will be a double layer cake (that's more cake, more work, more things to go wrong) and I have until Saturday morning.

I am just about freaking out about this, but I know that I can (and will!) do's just pulled me out of my comfort zone and the devil is trying to tell me everything that can go wrong! I also have another cake to be done for Friday, and this is something else new to me...having more than one order at once. Since I started this business last year, I've had cakes here and there, but never two on the same day or weekend! While I am SO thankful that business is picking up, it tends to scare me a little because again, the devil tries to scare me.

So...please pray for me...that I would be able to get the cakes dones, with no mishaps, and that I can have peace and calm while making these cakes. My heart rate seems to be slowing down a bit just by sharing this with all of you! :0)

I feel like a bird learning how to fly that has just been pushed out of the nest by its parents!

Thank you for your prayer support...I will post pictures after the wedding so that you can see how the cakes turned out!

Julie (Sweet Inspirations)


Terry said...

Oh Julie..
You are going to do just perfect!
Actually if you didn't care a lot, I guess that you wouldn't do as good a job as you will because you are concerned about it and you will be doing your best!
As far as your and the other Christians being a testimony at that wedding, you will be.
Just like the wedding in the Bible that the Lord went to,the servants at the wedding KNEW Who they could go to for help!
We will pray though and be looking forward to seeing those pictures of a perfect wedding!!...Love Terry

Don't forget your camera though Julie.
There are some people belonging to the Pilgrim Pals that make a practise of THIS!!
NOT good!!

Pilot Mom said...

Take a deep breath and let it out s-l-o-w-l-y, again,, pray while you are breathing. Take one final big breath and open your eyes. Smile! The Lord is at hand!

:) Blessings to you Julie!

Hi Terry!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hey Julie - this is very exciting for you! You go girl! May the Creator of the Universe guide your hands as you create the cakes!! And, yes, please remember to take pictures and share with your Pals.


hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll be praying...and I'm sure my cake-making sister will be, too!

-LIl Pilgrim Pal