Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pilgrim Prayer Requests

Here are a couple of prayer requests that came in today. Please lift up these friends before the Lord. As we know, He is able to do far more than we could ever ask or think.

The first request is for the son of a former Toronto Argonaut football player, Reggie Pleasant (note...Reggie is the dad):

"My wife, Jessica, and I are asking for prayer for our son, Joshua, who is 14. Joshua has been diagnosed with something called Wolfe-Parkinson-White Syndrome. It is an extra electrical pathway in his heart that is very rarebut can cause sudden death. He will have a procedure on Friday, July 6th,called catheter ablation to ablate (destroy) the abnormal electricalpathway. The success rate is high, but as you know, any time you enter theheart, there is risk. Please pray that doctors will have precision hands andthat the procedure would be successful. Pray also for the continued peacethat God has given Joshua. Joshua is a believer. Completely depending on Him,"

Reggie Pleasant

So, Pilgrim Pals, please pray for Joshua Pleasant as he prepares for this procedure on Friday! Thanks!

Here's another prayer request from the chaplain of the Peoria Chiefs baseballclub:

Fellow laborers in Christ,

I would appreciate your prayers for my father (his name is Joe) who is having his second triple by-pass heart surgery this Friday (he is 60 now and had his first one in 1993). The potential risk for him is five times the normal percentage they would typically give, but most importantly, my dad is not a believer in Jesus Christ. He has been presented the gospel before, but I am hoping that in light of his current predicament, that he will be open to the discussion and that the Lord would soften his heart and enable him to “chew” on the gospel, ideally responding in faith (not as insurance, but out of recognition for his need and a desire to head in a new direction). My family and I are heading to be with him today for the rest of the week. Again your prayers for his salvation as well as for a safe and successful surgery would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

In His grasp,

Joey Holland, Peoria Chiefs

So, Pilgrim Pals, please pray for Joshua Pleasant and Joe Holland. THANKS! I'll keep you posted!

Also, please pray for our dear friend (and Pilgrim Pal), Passing-Thru or Bob McCabe as he as his wife Joanne take a few days off. As you know, Bob has been out of work for about 7 weeks. Pray that they will be refreshed and that the Lord will provide in a miraculous way. THANKS!

Note: My short, mini-vacation is quickly coming to an end, Thanks for your love, concern and prayers!

David, the Pilgrim


Terry said...

Dear David..I will surely be praying for these two men, as they will be going through these operations.
The Lord will guard the doctors' hands...From Pilgrim pal Terry

It is nice that Passing-thru and Joanne have gone off for a little holiday...

hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll be praying for these two. Thank you for sharing these requests with us.

-Lil Pilgrim Pal