Sunday, July 8, 2007

Poetry from a Pilgrim

Last night (and this morning) I lay awake, battling a migraine and meditating on the King of Glory.

Here are a few scattered lines that came to mind. I trust they will encourage you this Lord's Day.

Holy Spirit, Breath of God
Ignite my cold, hard heart;
O may the things that charm me most
Be subject to Thee, Heav’nly Host
Give me a burden for the lost
Thy Holy Flame impart.

Holy Spirit, Teacher, Guide
Remove the scales I pray;
O may I more of Jesus see
Be willing Lord to bend the knee
Remove the chains and set me free
Thy will be done today.

Holy Spirit, Fire of God
Convicting me of sin;
O may the coals that dormant lay
Be fanned to flame to show the way
Open my ears to hear Thee say
“The battle’s mine, WE WIN!”

- David W. Fisher, July 8th, 2007


passing-thru said...

Good words brother David
Battling headaches and laying awake - no fun there --
I think because Christians "carry" burdens for the lost , and so many other "needs" , being "sensitive" in so many areas - afaid we will "offend" either the Lord or people that many fall into the "quagmires" of darkness and despondency -- I remember reading that years ago they said many of the people found in insane asylums were of the "fervent,zealous,fanatical,religious types" OF COURSE THE WORLD IS GOING TO SAY THAT - but there is some truth in that because "WE CARE" and want to please that many "trials of conscience" do sit on one's shoulders --some so afraid of sin think they lose salvation , get it back , lose it again etc. holiness types etc. - MAN- HOW DID I GET ONTO THIS ! LOL - I know my brother David - a huge load is on your shoulders - when worrying its also normal to get physically ill too -
No "cliches" here -- its not a matter of "FAITH" here David - U have that, U exercised the faith GOD has given many times - It is probably a matter of AQUIESING to the WILL OF GOD - no matter what the course may be - Still believing of course - still trusting - still hoping but HAPPY in AQUIESING TO THE ONE WHO KNOWS BEST AND LOVES U THE MOST -
I hope I am not out of line - I hope these "thoughts" are in line with God's work with U and Carol -

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

David, that poem is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it. Sorry to hear of your migraine and restless night. I think Passing-thru said it all when he said "aquiesing to the Will of God" - that is the real challenge isn't it? We, (you) have great faith - that is rarely the main issue - for me anyway. I really dislike when Christians say "just have faith" I always have faith - even when it's small like a mustard seed - it's still faith! For me it's usually more about worry and trust - "what is the Lord up to and can I trust what he is doing?"

You are loved by the Pilgrims and most of all by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. May you receive a fresh infilling today brother.

Love in Christ Jesus,

hebrews 11:1 said...

Beautiful poem! Sorry it came at such a hard time...