Thursday, July 19, 2007

A quick blogging break...

I'm taking a quick break from blogging (but not praying) for a day or so. As you know, I have had to be away from my home every day for 6 weeks. During that time our furniture has arrived and the remodeling has been finished. However, the mess still surrounds me, which is driving me crazy. Knowing how I can get 'drawn in' to all my favorite blog sites so easily I think I just need to go 'cold turkey' Thursday and Friday.

If the Lord blesses me with something quite profound then, by all means, I will share it and not wait. I may take time tomorrow evening to catch up on all the news of the day from my blogging friends.

Pray that I get TONS of clean up accomplished. I need the Lord to bless me with energy (a lot), a clear set goal for the day, and organizational skills. Also, PURPOSE! I need to stick to the job at hand and not get distracted by dallying over old pics, old books, old "anything." This is purely go forth and conquer! Thank you all!

Claire/Pilot Mom


Terry said...

OH Pilot-mom..I am going to miss you!!!
Donna just came back from a "taking a break from blogging".
It surely is good that she is back and it surely is good that we all aren't"taking a break from blogging".. at the SAME time!!!
And when Passing-thru gets that job that the Lord is lining up for him, will HE be "taking a break from blogging" TOO?!
Oh Pilgrim David! This is NOT A pretty sight!...from Pilgrim Pal Terry

And WHERE pray tell is that Lauren-mary?

David Warren Fisher said...


We will miss you but we understand fully.

Hope your time goes well!

Love in Him,


passing-thru said...

Your input has been so much appreciated -------- Lord Bless U as U make your home comfortable

hebrews 11:1 said...

We will miss you, Pilot Mom!

Mrs. Shirkie...I have the same question, where is Lauren-Mary?!

Lil Pilgrim Pal