Friday, July 20, 2007


WELL ! This has been a week for TREATMENTS -- PILOT DAD finished his - HEATHER finished hers -- ARLENE finished hers - and we praise God for HIS GOODNESS -, we hope that young man Aaron Devine is doing better (have not heard) -- we still have Dad Golden and his neck situation not to mention Salvation --- noooo , we have not forgotten --- it may have been quiet in here for a couple of days but make no mistake - THE PILGRIM PALS family came thru BIG TIME with their sharing and praying , warriors on bended knees -- David and Carol thankyou and all of us thanks each other , so refresh yourselves , there will be new battles to face -- one of the bloggers talked about a book " BREATHING GRACE " by Harry Kraus , MD

I don't remember what person recommended it but it sounded good ---

REMEMBER DONNA the intercessor , and her battles as she prays and cares for many -

The two Julies - Peterborough and Ottawa and the third J , Jel

Lauren Mae and Lauren Mary -- these contributors to pals and friends of our "AUNT TERRY"

Ron and Lisa , good report today from them and remember Sigve with cancer from Finland , I think ---our GOD IS A GREAT GOD - HE CAN DO ANYTHING - ANYTHING so let us come boldly to the THRONE ---

Remember David and Carol and all that is going on in their world --

We have all of Heaven's promises , Heaven's hopes - We are Blessed - what a Privilege it is to be Born-Again -- Redeemed , We are bought with a Price -------


Remember to "share" give testimony to your salvation , when and how it came about - these will bless the readers -- Lord Bless U pilgrim pals

---passing-thru ----


Pilot Mom said...

Oh, Amen, Amen, Amen!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Passing thru!

What a week the way, it was Jel who recommended that book.

We retrieved all our files off our old computer!!!! We are so happy. Right now they are all on my computer. I was looking for our e-mails and found temp internet files...ended up thinking they were all net files and began deleting them...only to find out there were e-mails mixed in!!! I am so mad with myself...I will never forgive myself if I deleted the ones with my family history, the only link to my past. It wasn't much, just a few e-mails from my dear uncle in response to some questions my mom asked him a few years ago, but it meant a lot to me. Especially as I've been thinking of that kind of stuff lately...

One of my aunts is coming to visit in a few months, and we are all looking forward to it...She is looking forward to her trip to Canada, as though this country is so foreign in comparison to the USA. Canadian Pals, it really isn't THAT cold up here compared to Miami, is it?! She was shocked when in response to her saying she would be in Vermont, I told her their weather is as cold as Montreal. I could't help but laugh. ;)

Kali Nichta!
Laila Tov!
Buenos Noches!
Buono Nota!
Masa el kher!

(Do you all mind me practising my languages, or do you feel like I'm bragging? Just let me know, okay? Thank you!)

Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

LOL -- no your not bragging - I think its neat to be using different languages - specially when they come into gospel use

Hope your files are OK and thx for saying it was Jel about the book --

Have a Blessed weekend lil pilgrim

hebrews 11:1 said...

Could a Pal please post this for me? Thank you.

I am requesting prayer for my seems such a trivial thing to do when all these people have cancer, which is so terrible...I have had an infection for months that will not leave...actually, eleven months to be exact. I am tired of being "sick" without showing any outward symptoms, tired of having to restrict what I eat, how late I'm up, etc. I am tired of doctors who don't care, and I was upset when a prescription for 5 months never worked for even one month as promised. All that said, I am getting new supplements and going on a new diet, and praying that the Healer will use this to heal me once and for all. Tomorro I will get the supplements, but I think I will begin the whole program on Monday. I would like to start Sunday, but we're celebrating my grandparents' anniversary, and they would be very upset to see my new dietary restrictions. They will notice it eventually, the strictest part is for 3 months, and then, Lord willing, i should be able to go back to eating like I used to...minus a few things maybe, but no big deal. Please pray that I will remember to take all my supplements at every time I'm supposed to take them (some with meals, some without), and that the Lord will heal me. I just want to be well again, without the worry or concerns that I face now.

Thank you for praying. God is faithful who hears our prayers and answers them.

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Terry said...

Oh Passing-thru..That was our little sunbeam, Jel that mentioned that good book! She is a lover of good books just like you and David and Saija and Vicki!

I appreciate it so much, Passing-thru when you summerize all the prayer requests!
It is certainly a big job!

You and Joanne rest well and the Lord's blessings on you both!...from Terry