Friday, July 20, 2007

There's A Disconnect Somewhere

Greetings, dear PILGRIM PALS! Thank you so much Bob (Passing-Thru) for your update on what's been happening lately with all of the PILGRIM PALS. You do an excellent job summarizing everything for us.

Just a brief note regarding Matthew and his goalie camp. After the first evening at camp Matthew felt it would be unwise to continue. He was so sore that evening that he could barely walk. Matthew leaves on Sunday for a week at Camp Medeba and didn't want his time at hockey camp to jeopardize his time at the Bible camp he has attended for the past three summers. I thought it was a very wise decision for a 11-year-old with challenges and Carol and I supported his choice fully.

On a minor note, you may recall that I mentioned problems I've been having with my laptop computer. It has been in the STAPLES store where I bought it for over a week now. They can't seem to get it so it won't log off when it's online. It stays online for a few minutes then goes off. There's a disconnect somewhere! Frustrating! That explains why I've had fewer posts this week. I sure hope that there's not a problem that can't be fixed. I've only had my computer for about 15 months and haven't had any issues until now.

This afternoon I attended the funeral of a dear friend, Ron Arnold. Ron and Jean have been special people in my life for over 35 years. Ron's family were instrumental in the formation of Elim Lodge on Pigeon Lake, the Christian Conference Centre where I serve on the board. My dad was very involved there for many years. The funeral was a celebration of Ron's life and there was a very real sense of God's presence in the room. Please pray for Jean as she begins a new chapter of life without her beloved husband.

Later this afternoon I drove to Graphite Bible Camp to pick up our granddaughter Victoria who had been counseling there throughout the week. She returns on Sunday for another week.

Carol was in Toronto this morning with Nathan for another consultation at The Hospital For Sick Children.

A very busy day indeed but the Lord was precious and He safeguarded all of us as we traveled many miles.

Have a blessed weekend, dear PILGRIM PALS! I love each one of you!

By the way, I'll post an update on Aaron Devine as soon as I receive one!

God is good!

David, the Pilgrim



THANKS DAVID - - WOW - WHAT A DAY FOR U ----- and for Carol --

May God bless U my brother and one I look up to -- your faithful service to the KING OF KINGS inspires me -------

your friend, Bob


AND I will remember Jean -- the heartache she must be going thru

Will add her to our list --

Heaven will end these separations -they are only temporary , Praise God for that

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks so much for your prayers, your friendship, your leadership at PILGRIM PALS and your servant's heart. You and Joanne are in our prayers, beloved brother!

Have a blessed the Lord!

Love you, brother!


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for sharing David. Hope that pesky computer problem clears up soon.

Sounds like you have a very wise 11 year old for sure!

God bless and have a great weekend.


Terry said...

Dear David
Nice to hear you in there.
I missed you.
I feel so bad for your friend, Jean. Betty and I and our husbands went to Elim Lodge a couple of times when they had the Parker Trio and Middle Cross there.
The owners were always so nice to us!
Heaven has surely gained but the world has lost!

So too bad about Matthew being in so much pain...the poor little guy! my heart is heavy just thinking about it....from Pilgrim pal, Terry

prayingsensfaninmonreal said...

Poor little guy! I ALWAYS feel sorry for goaltenders, I'll be praying for Matthew. It must be hard for him to not be "normal", although we all love him just the same!
Little Montreal Girl

hebrews 11:1 said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with 'puter problems...Maybe that sounds nasty. I should say, Sory to hear everyone else has problems, too. ;) Is this contagious amoung Pals? Keep watch, you who don't have it yet! I think it started with Lauren-Mary in April, then we had it in June, now Pilgrim and Mrs. Shirkie...who's next? And I really dislike laptops after having to type up on this tiny thing with small keys for over a month!

Thanks for the update on Matthew. Poor guy! Please explain what you said before about his spine...that was something I've never heard of, and couldn't quite put it all together when you mentioned it before. What's up with Nathan? Is he okay? I recently found out I have a spin that twists and curves around (not in that it deosn't go staright down,it does; but the spin it self is not straight, if that's the proper way of explaining it). Any way, it's fully functioning and I've never had a problem with it, but a friend who is an osteopath noticed it while working on me for the first time!

Lil Pilgrim Pal
Lil Pilgrim Pal