Friday, July 20, 2007

Request from Heb 11:1

Could a Pal please post this for me? Thank you.I am requesting prayer for my seems such a trivial thing to do when all these people have cancer, which is so terrible...I have had an infection for months that will not leave...actually, eleven months to be exact. I am tired of being "sick" without showing any outward symptoms, tired of having to restrict what I eat, how late I'm up, etc. I am tired of doctors who don't care, and I was upset when a prescription for 5 months never worked for even one month as promised. All that said, I am getting new supplements and going on a new diet, and praying that the Healer will use this to heal me once and for all. Tomorro I will get the supplements, but I think I will begin the whole program on Monday. I would like to start Sunday, but we're celebrating my grandparents' anniversary, and they would be very upset to see my new dietary restrictions. They will notice it eventually, the strictest part is for 3 months, and then, Lord willing, i should be able to go back to eating like I used to...minus a few things maybe, but no big deal. Please pray that I will remember to take all my supplements at every time I'm supposed to take them (some with meals, some without), and that the Lord will heal me. I just want to be well again, without the worry or concerns that I face now.Thank you for praying. God is faithful who hears our prayers and answers them.Lil Pilgrim Pal



Oh Heb 11:1 We will pray and pray daily and hourly -- take heart and trust GOD -- HE surely will hear your prayer --

LORD BLESS U , your a faithful servant of the MOST HIGH

David Warren Fisher said...

Hebrews 11:1

You can count on my prayers, precious friend! Thanks for asking for prayer. We will lift you up before the Father and trust Him to do what's best for your good and His eternal glory!

Thanks for being such a special part of PILGRIM PALS!

In His love,

David, the Pilgrim


I commented first on this prayer request Lil pilgrim -- but I didn't sign it and I wanted U to know that I will be praying daily for U ----

your a special pals person -

your support for the KING'S BUSINESS MAKES U SPECIAL --


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

No prayer is too big or small - God hears them all!! Praying for you Hebrews 11:1


Terry said...

Dear Hebrews11:1 I am on Bernie's lap top because my computer is acting up so all I can say is that I will be praying lots for you.
You have been such a blessing to all of us and have been praying for so many that now it is your turn dear friend! Mrs. Shirkie

Terry said...

Good morning Hebrews 11:1
Just wanting to tell you that we will be thinkig a lot about you today.
Last night I would have said more but it is a lot harder writing on a lap top.
My computer is acting up way too bad.
My scanner went and then my Nero, which I use quite a bit for transferring records over to cds was acting up, so Bernie had to fix it all!
Therefore the lap top!

Well that Bernie just got up and he and the cat are telling mean stories about me so I guess I better get dressed and go to Macdonalds with him or I might end up with another black eye!
AND a few cat scratches

Gracey finally told a story over at her place and it is not a pretty story!!
I think when I see her at Dad Golden's tomorrow that I will just staighten her out!!
After all, I am still the mean elder sister!!

Take care little pal,
and can you please tell my little Montreal girl to behave herself. It is hard enough having to deal with you and Ron without her ganging up on me too!! Mrs. Shirkie

passing-thru said...

Amen Lil Missionary -- nice hearing from U -

Lord Bless U as U led Him lead

hebrews 11:1 said...

All these comments brightened my morning...along with the sunshine, and my "little brother's" cheerful voice next door. Yipee! He's back from vacation! (That' my little neighbor, for those of you who don't know. Him and his sister are like extra siblings in my family).

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Felisol said...

Dear Lil Pilgrim Pal,
Its so sad that you shall be suffering for such long time.
Its nervwrecking and exhausting beyond word.
I pray that God will do his work through the cure, and that you very soon may experience healing.
Yours Felisol

jel said...

hey bestest buddy,
just found out you was sick, am sorry to hear that!

hope ya know ya are in my prayers! :)