Tuesday, July 3, 2007


No substitue for the REAL THING
Religion, no matter how fervent compared to A Living Relationship with an INTIMATE GOD
A picture and a love letter only compared to a daily sharing with a real full time spouse
A coke compared to a pepsi -cola :-( :-)
A box of instant potato mix compared to home made hand whipped fluffy potatoes
A slap on the back and "how ya doing" compared to a Christian , saying , I'm praying for U


I know this, that when I have been "hurting" and a soft word from a brother or sister to encourage me , MEANT SO MUCH ------ there are NO SUBSTITUTES for that ---



hebrews 11:1 said...

...a few words in a comment left as compared to a good, long letter...

...a day began without prayer and Bible reading, as compared to a morning began in fellowship with God...

...time spent chasing wordly pleasures...time spent in the Word...(it's amazing sometimes when you read the Bible looking for scriptures with which to encourage people or bring them the message of salvation, the Bible really opens up and becomes an object of wonder that one cannot get enough of!)

Great idea...I hope everyone else joins in, too...including the Pilgrim or else we can compare the blog with the Pilgrim on vacation to the blog with the Pilgrim continually on it! :)

Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

LOL--- GOOD STUFF HEB 11:1 --- U and your sister have deep waters running thru U both

I liked that on the PILGRIM -- he will chuckle when he reads it

The world is full of "placebos" reasonable facimilies - substitutes, such as -- alot of good reading about God or good moral positive thoughts stuff but its not like THE LIVING WORD , as U said , when reading the Word for instruction or guidance , HOW IT BECOMES ALIVE TO ONE --

Terry said...

Ha!! Paasing-thru
Empty words ..no action!
Reminds me of a story I heard once in a Bible ministry meeting.
The preacher was telling us about a lad that was talking to his girl on the phone.
He said, "I love you SO much that I would climb the highest mountains and sail the widest seas to come and see you.
I love you THAT much!!"
"Oh", his sweetheart said. "I love you too and I miss you!.Could you come over tonight to see me?"
"Oh you HAVE to be kidding! Can't you see that it is raining out????"
Needless to say, Passing-thru, the heal stayed at home in his warm house!!...from Pilgrim pal, Terry

PS...I think the sadest example of this was when the disciples each told the Lord that he would never forsake Him, and Peter said, "Though I die with thee, I will not deny thee."
I think we have all been guilty of this.
Mark 14:50..."And they all forsook him and fled."

passing-thru said...

Yes, Terry -- we all have been guilty of this --
Good to hear from U -- enjoyed the family pictures on your blog site

sent U an email Terry --