Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Is the devil attacking ? causing U to murmur, creating strife , stirring the pot ?
Pause, take a minute , take 5 minutes , can U hear the roll of thunder, do U see glory on each face, I just heard the trumpet sounding , as I sing " AMAZING GRACE " ---- there is therapy in our gospel songs --
"Give no place for the devil , or the flesh to work"

We are "glad" for Lil Missionary Julie to be on board and of course officially for Pilot Mom

God Bless each and every one ,

May HIS GRACE work in U , that which is well pleasing in HIS SIGHT



Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Funny - I did feel some attacks from the enemy this morning over Todd and my desire to witness to him. It started with "hearing" the negatives: "You won't have the right words. Besides, Todd is too busy - so just forget it. He's a guy - guys are stubborn - they don't want to hear all the mushy stuff about Jesus. He won't be opened to hearing about Jesus." When I rebuked those negatives he began to attack me from another angle, one of my great fears - "What if you begin to like Todd as more than a friend he will hurt you - remember what happened last time! He will use you Julie." It get's ugly in my mind Passing-thru.

But since I'm enjoying some time off work this week I put on some praise and worship songs this morning and chased the devil away - at least for now!
Praise Jesus!

passing-thru said...

Just a "thought" Julie -- one step at a time -- U did good with worship songs and praise -- its nice to know that God cares about the "little" things in our lives - HE will work things out - if HE provided an "opening" for witness, HE WILL SEND HIS WORD and HE WILL BLESS IT -- HE also will bless your life and desires , so RELAX - U know as well as I, your an experienced pilgrim , the devil "pushes" - The Lord "leads" - where there is confusion , at the center is the devil (james said) The Lord brings peace - calm - keep your agenda simple, one step at a time - The Lord knows your heart better than U do -- HE will bless and HE will "prepare" the way for U -- thats nice to know , isn't it - SO RELAX and TRUST even for this date/witness/whatever -- Remember, Julie, its God that saves , we just drop the seed - AND have a nice meal and enjoy the opportunity that the Lord is opening up -- WE here know , your a child of God and want what HE wants - so RELAX - pray up and KNOW that GOD is with U ----

advice that U already knew :-)

passing-thru said...

PS. If Todd was not God's choice for U, U wouldn't want him anyway, RIGHT ? ! IF he was God's choice, HE will let U know it -- so by "LEAVING" it in HIS HANDS and praying for guidance and wisdom , which OUR GOD PROMISED TO GIVE to them that ask - we will be led aright ------ SO GOODBYE STRESS AND WORRY - -- I know its easier said than done, especially when the "heart strings" are being played -- LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN YOUR LIFE, JULIE, - LAY IT ON THE ALTAR , and LEAVE IT THERE -- :-)

Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary... Funny, there you are in Ottawa, where I was many years ago struggling with the same issues as I was.
When a girl is young, the desire to be a wife and mother is so strong,
After all it is of God. Yet when you haven't got a boy friend, it seems like it will never happen.
If God has Todd planned for you the devil will be powerless to stop it.
I agree with Passing-thru that you just take one step at a time and relax and wait for the Lord to lead.
Oh so easy for me to say that but so difficult for you to be wearing the same shoes I was wearing when I was 21.
Hard to WAIT!
In those days, I used to think that the older Christians that were advising me didn't understand at all.
I never realized until after I was years older that they DID!
One Christian man, in particular used to annoy me so much when he used to say to me, "Terry, marry an unsaved man and be prepared to put up with your father-in-law, the devil!!"
One lady used to say, "Marry in haste, repent at your leisure!"
Oh litle Missionary, those were truly hard days for me!!
I understand what you are going through and I can see the spiritual love in your heart toward Todd that he gets saved!
We will pray....Love Pilgrim Pal Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Dear Terry and Passing-thru,

Thanks so much for your words - which really are words from our Lord! The devil does indeed push and the Lord does indeed lead. I know the Lord is leading so far and I need to continue to let him lead - I often want to take the reigns and say, "giddy up - let's go!!"

By the way, based on your notes, I have a feeling you think I'm in my twenties (hee, hee - thank you). I am actually 41 - wow - where does time go?! I've never been married and I do think the Lord will eventually lead me to a good Christian man. But I also know Christ must come first in my heart always. I learned a very difficult lesson last year on the importance of keeping my eyes totally on Jesus, and what can happen when we take our eyes off him - we sink - just like Peter on the water!

resting in Psalm 37 said...

Little Missionary,

Just this morning during my prayer time I sensed a unrgency to pray for you, Todd, and your heart towards him. I know I am just over half your age, but I am sharing with you what older women have shared with me...
I was told all my teenage years not to give my heart away...to guard it, and give it to God. If I have any feelings for anyone, put em on the altar, and give it to God. Let HIM choose for me the right man, not me try to tell Him. I know it sounds tough...it hasn't been easy...but I give the same advice to my friend. Rememeber the Bible says the heart is deceitful above all things and despeately wicked, Who can know it? What does it say after..."I, the Lord, try the heart. I test the reigns..." You cannot rely on our feelings, you MUST rely on Him. I was in such a sticky situation with a young man several years older than myself a few months back...He is Chrsitian, and I met him and his family last fall. From the moment I set my eyes on him, I knew it was going to be oe long evening. I wanted to talk to him, to meet him, to find out how old he was...and the whole time I was telling myself, "You're giving your heart away..you bad girl! Rememeber what you've beentold...give it away piece by piece now, and what are you going to give your husband?!" Well, I did say a few words to him that evening, nothing much. I saw him several times after that...actually once a week, with his family. I struggled every time, and we began to be friends as we talked more and more. Suddenly, by the end of November, I realized that he was attracted to me. And so did everyone else, by then. But the whole time God kept telling me, "Stop your nonsense! You know he's not the one!" And so I did know, but it was so hard! Then it all happened...The other side of himcame out, and I saw he was a selfish, self-centered person, how liked terrible worldly fashions and enjoyed listening to pop music on his midnight shifts...and how he really didn't treat his widowed mother with due care. I called up a friend in my despair, and asked her, "If this is not God's Will, why won't he just go away?" Her reply was to keep praying, and just because he was still around, didn't mean it was God's will...A few weeks later he stopped coming to our weekly worship meetings, and I think I've seen him 4 times in the past 5 months.
I exhort you to not give your heart away...and to hold fast to God. A dear family friend who is older than you and still single gave me such encouraging words when I was 17, as she challenged me to not give my heart away. I think it was one thing to hear it from my parents, and my best friend who heard it from her parents, and another thing to hear it from this dear lady.

Know I'm praying for you.


Terry said...

Dear Rose..What a godly young lady you are! God Bless you.....Love Terry

resting in Psalm 37 said...

Life is an every day struggle...don't ever thin I've got it all together. You should hear my mom!

passing-thru said...

I knew your age Lil Missionary and have seen your pic at the game - but the truth is - the affairs of the heart are the same , no matter the age - the same struggles, the needs and desires -- and also , good advice is still good advice , no matter the age :-) plus all so often, the ones giving advice end up shortly needing advice (chuckle) like Terry said once to me - as soon as she posts something positive for the Lord , the devil comes in the following day and "SLAMS" her -- Bringing ALL our needs and desires to the Altar and leaving them there is the secret (difficult to learn)