Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Right Church for Such a Time as This

Hi all,

Before I head off to bed to read some of God's Word and pray for all of you, I thought I'd post a short note of praise. Here is further proof I "landed" at the right church at the perfect time - God's timing. Thank you Lord!

Today, I met with Pastor Mike, (youth pastor); the head pastor is on vacation so he referred me to Mike without really knowing a lot about my "need". Now, I'm not a youth - in years - but in my heart where it counts; anyhow, I felt comfortable with Mike - why? Because he knew exactly what I was feeling (i.e condemnation by a church and it's leaders - defined by one incident rather than who I am in Christ). Mike has gone through many of the same struggles I have in my life - he HAD many of the core ungodly beliefs I am struggling with. Mike affirmed that I was right where God wanted me - for my healing and to crush those ungodly beliefs that are so firmly planted in my heart and have creeped up in the last year. God is using an almost unbearably, painful situation from last year to bring healing and wholeness - sometimes going through the healing process is as painful as the initial "injury". Please keep me in your prayers. God is healing this missionary so that she can minister fully to others who have wounded hearts.

Good night my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Julie (Little Missionary)

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passing-thru said...

GOOD NITE JULIE -- Lord Bless and thanks for sharing -

your a blessing to alot of people and your going to be OK -- all of us have need of healings in one area or another -- your doing GREAT

thx for being part of us here in pals