Thursday, July 19, 2007


Talking to the chaplain of a Health Center the other day, this person was definitely born-again, and while making small talk , I discovered this chaplain also pastored a church, and had a burden for a children's camp - and since presenting this need to God , this chaplain said that each month money came in to procure a piece of land by praying alone -- good stuff -
There is much going on behind the scenes, people and events we never see - multiply this countless times across the world . The dynamics of God inspired, Blood washed pilgrims , praying and doing His work thru this world . Wonder what Christians are doing or thinking in Red China or North Korea , or people discouraged and wondering if God is real and is God really inside of people professing Christ, just as Minerva so candidly expressed.

Pilot Mom is taking a 2 day sabbatical and a much deserved break.
"Pals" people don't have to "fill" every moment in here to make this an effective site. We have already seen how effective God's people have been in here and other sites.
So if U have a blessing , share it -- A burden ? express it -- A testimony builds the kingdom of God and the devil hates it , he roars day and nite looking to seduce and discourage the redeemed.

Lord Bless all you wonderful people , so many have blessed me -------passing-thru


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

You are a blessing to this site!!


passing-thru said...

Na ------ trust me Julie -- you have brought life and zeal in your desire to be used as a missionary- stay focused, and KNOW that God has a great plan for U , maybe a man HE has handpicked and is got him in training for such a woman as you -- so go slow and steady, HIS MISSION is and will be your mission and that goes for all of us

hebrews 11:1 said...

ALL you Pals have been a blessing from God to me!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

Ha ! as our "Aunt Terry" would say that will be a "Frosty Friday" - heb, U and your family are a "daily" blessing to me - and thats the truth

Terry said...

You know what?
I think that we are all a blessing to each other!
I don't even like to think of the day whem I didn't know Little Missionary. Little Pilgrim or Passing-thru!

Just cause one guy named
"Fish" decide to make a blog for us all, to talk and pray for each other and others and others and OTHERS!!...Love from Terry