Thursday, July 12, 2007


To go along with Julie (sweet inspirations) sharing of Blessings
Like many, if we think back , we will find times when HIS HAND has been upon us - one time when the kids were little , we were driving somewhere and a car , if I remember right, went thru a stop sign and by the time we seen him, it was already too late - he came right at us, I had no time to turn the wheel or do anything, my wife and I sat FROZEN awaiting the inevitable crash, and then HE stepped in --- we "felt" the front of our car "move" not much, maybe a foot or two but definitely "move" enough so , that his oncoming car just missed our front fender - my wife looked at me with understanding eyes, we both KNEW that HE sent one of HIS angels - we could positively "feel" the car lift and move , I never touched the wheel , - neat stuff, this GOD IS OUR GOD and the angel of the Lord , encampeth around them that are HIS --

I also know what the "world" thinks of so -called miracles, or of being able to "personally "know God - the devil does not want the "lost" to believe in a personal God -- I know of born-again ministers that are even "afraid" to share with the Church , Divine Interventions , lest they be "labeled" --- we must believe scripture -- "the eyes of your understanding being enlightened"--yes, as Julie testified, sanely, scripturally,soundly so may we "testify" of ALL that HE had done in our lives --


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for sharing this! I sure believe in miracles like this - I've experienced too many not to believe.


passing-thru said...

Yes - God is always there for us -- Hope U are doing OK Lil Missionary ---