Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unexpected Blessings

Okay...I'd like to share a couple of blessings that Andy and I have received...and a gift we gave that became and immediate blessing to us!

Last year we had been discussing how we desperately needed new pots and pans. We had bought a set after our wedding with money we had received, but they really weren't as good as we had thought, and the non-stick coating was coming off in the food. Not good!

We saw a really nice stainless steel set in the Zellers flyer, but we couldn't afford them...even on sale. We had decided that perhaps we would go and get them and pay for them with our Zellers card...even though we didn't want to do that.

Later that day, Andy's mom called and said that she had a present for us from Andy's grandmother. This perplexed us, because it was the middle of wasn't our anniversary, nor was it our birthdays!

Lo and behold...the present was the very set of pots and pans we had been looking at! We were so excited!

Another blessing was this apartment we are in. We hadn't been very happy at our previous apartment (long story) and while we were grateful to have it, we knew we couldn't stay there too long. We hadn't even really looked for anything when word came to us through a co-worker of Andy's about a vacancy in this building.

We went and looked at it and fell in love with it. While it was more money than what we had already been paying, we knew we could afford it and signed the lease. Since we have moved in we have been blessed with many friends (some who I met "by accident" in the parking lot...right David?). The building is very well kept and quiet, and we have some great neighbours. We have enjoyed ourselves here, and while we dream and pray for a house of our own, until that day comes we are content to be here!

To me, both of these stories show how God provided for that need before we ourselves had really thought too much about it. They weren't dire, urgent needs, but God still knew them...even before we knew about them, and he put the proper people in our paths!

Lastly...a couple of summers ago, a friend of our who used to live in the building, had mentioned to me in passing that she didn't have any fans (or an air conditioner). It was June, and already VERY hot, and we had just gone through most of the previous summer with only a couple of fans to keep us cool before getting (being given!) our air conditioner. So...I knew hot hot she must be!

I told Andy later that I felt a need to go and get her a fan. Immediately, the devil tried to tell me I couldn't do that, because school was finishing up and I'd have no income for the summer, and we needed every dollar we had to get us through, blah, blah, know how it is!

I ignored him and went to the hardware store to buy a fan. Now again, my brain was saying "Buy something cheap...don't spend too much!", and really, there were so many different kinds of fans that I didn't know which one to get! So I decided that I should buy the one I would want if it were for me. I found one, middle of the road, pricewise, and decided it to be the best one on the shelf.

When I got to the counter to pay I found out that it was on SALE! I really feel that by being obedient to God, He turned around the blessing on me as well! I was so happy...I managed to contain myself in the store...they might have wondered about me if I had started skipping and singing!

Well...who's next? Who has something GREAT to share??? :0)

Julie (Sweet Inspirations)


passing-thru said...


THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT -- answers and blessing from THE GOD OF LOVE -

good stuff Julie

yes, who's next ? -- I have many but I talk too much as it is -lol -

The SHARING will come - thx Julie(sweet inspirations )

passing-thru said...

What amazes me Julie, is that God is "listening" , HE KNOWS the attitude of the heart - such as , when u were picking out the fan, the devil said ,"pick" the cheapest one, but U listened to your GOD sanctified heart and said what would JESUS buy this person, -ole king david said - I will not "give" to the LORD that which does not "cost" me anything - many people do or give out of abundance or convienence , IT DOSEN'T REALLY COST THEM ANYTHING -yes , a gift is a gift but GOD LOOKS AT THE SACRIFICE --- thx again for sharing Julie

hebrews 11:1 said...

I love all these stories...please keep sharing them. God is so good!

Lil Pilgrim Pal