Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Reading in Matt 26 chpt. The scene of the betrayal, that dark night on the hill, soldiers with torches and weapons , the Clergy of the day, wrapped in their self-righteous clothes, surrounding True Righteousness. Eyes ablaze with hate, murder, for that age old battle is present, sin, and flesh against The Holy Spirit of God. - What a scene ! They think they are in control, when This ONE says, I can call , even now and have 12 legions of angels (72,000) deliver me , (Imagine ! in the background are 72,000 mighty death dealing angels watching HIM , standing right behind HIM, even at that moment) The foaming threatning hating Clergy, lovers of pharseeism, self righteous, hypocrits, lovers of self drag HIM off to question HIM, -
IN THE MIDST OF THE STORMS, HE IS CALM , when all around us is storming and life seems to be out of control, we need to "SEE JESUS" , "THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH" --



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passing-thru said...

Yes Lil Missionary, our mission and our demeanor must be the Love of God shed abroad in our hearts, for the lost, the pharasee, the self righteous, for them HE DIED and for them HE LIVES , HE could have just had the angels do their thing, but for us HE BLED AND DIED AND ROSE AGAIN , so its imperative to show this love for the lost - we are the only image of CHRIST that they will see this side of heaven --------