Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pilgrim's 'Puter Problems

Dear friends, my laptop computer at my office has been in the STAPLES computer hospital since last Friday. I'll be without my "trusted communications device" all day so I won't be able to respond to your posts and comments until tonight when I get home. Hopefully the problem isn't too serious.

Have a good and godly day, dear friends, and remember, Passing-Thru, I've got you covered today.

Much love in our wonderful Lord,

David the Doc
Note: The most "trusted communications device" is the access that was provided to our Father's throne through the death, burial and resurrection of His eternal Son, the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Avail yourselves of all that we have through Him today! He is waiting to hear from you!


passing-thru said...

Thankyou David and how well said on communication -- That great prayer channel --- imagine the old time saints that didn't have computers or internet or telephones - they relied on God hearing and answering -- and many times "knew" the answer was given -

signing passing-thru :-)

passing-thru said...

Years ago there was an evangelist known as Bob Watters and he would sing that song "Turn your radio on" -- Turn your radio on, turn your radio on, let the good vibrations come from heaven above ---- or something like that -- any memory of that song from anyone out there ?

hebrews 11:1 said...

Please tell your daughter I really admire her for having ALL THOSE CHILDREN (as people love to say!), and home schooling them and all! I remember when there were just 4 of us children, and my mom was taking us to the store with her. I think I was 9, which would make my little brother 1. This lady cameup and said, "Are they ALL yours?" "yes" "How do you do it?!" in extreme shock and consternation. "It's easier the more you have!" my mom replied sweetly. I guess you and your wife would know that...wasn't it tougher with 1 or 2 than with 4?! I find it all the time! My neighbor has her hands full with 2, and my neighbor down the street has herhands full with 4, but the are full in such a different way!

Lil Pilgrim Pal


Thx Heb -- Cheryl is a very sensitive Christian mom, wants her children to have real committed values, my wife and I had the kids in church 3 times aweek growing up - but so much of the "credit" goes to my wife as she was so faithful in bedtime prayers and lessons and lots of love -----

Terry said...

Oh no tell me it is not so!!
Well one thing that the bunch of us could do Doc is some serious bad talking about you behind your back, just say EXACTLY what we want to say and WHENEVER we want to say it!
Naw..wouldn't be any fun though because we really can't think of one thing to say bad about you boss!!
Oh well...just a thought.

Passing-thru ...We will be thinking of you about 10:30 while Bernie is crunching on his burnt muffin and washing it down with Macdonalds' coffee...praying for good news from you!..from Pp Terry

passing-thru said...

Hi Terry - no news yet - after the interview, they said they would call today - How as the coffee and the burnt muffin ------ chuckle

A little thought from the past - leaving bible college in the 70's and heading back east, had the car full of family, pulling a trailer and I think 100 dollars to our name , driving on bald tires. As we started out of the city(colorado springs) had this "strong urge" to go back to the post office and go to po box and sure enough there was 500 dollars in there and a note "for your trip home" now NO ONE KNEW THAT WE WERE RETURING HOME - no one -- we never told anyone and I could have easily just got on the highway but THAT STILL SMALL VOICE said to check by the po box - amazing things this GOD STUFF