Sunday, July 8, 2007

Surrender all to Him

My pastor had a powerful message today about who is in control - you or God. He has been giving a series of sermons on the latest fad book/movie called "The Secret". Have you heard of it? Basically the message is - you are God, you are the author of your destiny, you create good and bad in your life. There are actually a lot of truths and even scripture in this movie. But beware - it is a scheme of the devil - he appears as an angel of light and mixes about 90% truth with 10% lies. Unfortunately many people, including Christians are falling for the lies in this movie. The lie the devil has been conning man into from the beginning of time: You can be in control - you are in control - you can be like God - you are God!

The pastor asked us to think about what we would do if we were God - even for a day. Would we put an end to all war, and world hunger; would we give ourselves millions of dollars; treat our family to whatever they needed or wanted? Would it ultimately be good if we were in control? Interesting question to ponder. I know a lot of people would likely be in big trouble if I were God. When I feel annoyed or sinned against the other person would not likely experience mercy from me! It is a very good thing that God is in control!

At the end of his sermon, Pastor Allan asked us to surrender whatever area of our life we are trying to control - we all have at least one area - yes even Christians. It's like we just don't quite trust God with this one area - sure we trust him with our very salvation but when it comes to .......(you fill in the blank), we think, "I'll just take care of business in this area God - thank you very much. I can't afford to wait on you. I need to get going on this right now!" I've had to surrender in many areas of my life over the years - college, job choices, choosing which men to date and which ones are not good for me, and the area I fail at most often.....finances and tithing! For some reason I just can't seem to totally trust that God will ensure I have enough at the end of the month if I give Him the "first fruits" of my labour. I like the philosophy: "pay yourself first!" Boy do I - this philosophy has gotten me into debt. I love to shop for clothes (typical woman) - purses, shirts, blouses, shoes and ooooooh - blue jeans - there is my addiction - I am so at home in a pair of blue jeans and I love the feel of a new pair. Part of my debt is also the fact that I just had to lease a new car 4 years ago. The 4 year lease is over but I will still pay another two years for this car! A car worth just over $16,000 will end up costing over $20,000! Pay yourself - ha - that philosophy must go.

This morning I surrendered my finances to God. This is not the first tim, however this time I made a commitment to the Lord: at the beginning of each month He gets the "first fruits" before anyone else, especially me!

Julie (little missionary)

PS Pilgrims - speaking of surrender - Todd and I are meeting tonight for coffee - please pray! I'm pretty nervous - this is my first date in about 10 years!!! It's a first for Todd in a long time too!


passing-thru said...



GOOD ON FINANCES TOO --- I BELIEVE LIKE HAGGAI AND MALACHI SAY - FIRSTFRUITS TO THE LORD -- our money our time our thoughts our ALL -- I come up short in so many areas ---- GOOD POST JULIE

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for sharing the pastor's message and your own heart!

I'll continue to pray for you and will be lifting you up before the Lord when you see Todd.

Lots of love in Christ,


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks Brothers! And, David I am so grateful that you suggested Kanata Wesleyan - it's such a mission-focused church - just want I was looking for. However, I didn't realize a little bonus of going there would be that your nephew, Mike, Chris Neil, and their new Head Coach attend there! Could prove interesting as our Pastor is a self-proclaimed Leafs fan!!

Hope to have a real good report for you later tonight. I know the Lord put Todd on my path - let's see if I can make my Daddy proud tonight.
Give me the opportunity to reach Todd's heart for you Abba Father! Let me plant some seeds of Life!

passing-thru said...


will be praying for U tonight

even missionaries get to go on dates !

hebrews 11:1 said...

To pick up with what you said on lies and truth...I always tell people what I heard Dr. Kent Hovind (dr.dino) say: Rat poison is 99.9% food, and .01% poison...there are a lot of beliefs floating around that are 99.9% truth, but that .01% poison is what makes it false!