Saturday, July 14, 2007

Warrior for the Lord

My visit to the Pentecostal church was very good tonight. Upon entering a room where 3 folks were waiting to pray over me, one of them spoke these words to me, "Surrender all to Jesus. You are a warrior. You are persistant and perservering. But remember, being a warrior for the Lord doesn't come without suffering." Oh how true those words are! I have been "attacked" many times before going on mission. No matter if our mission is overseas or around the corner - if we are willing to share the Good News we can be sure our enemy will scheme to stop it. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but with the rulers of darkness. I have come to see the "warrior" nature the Lord has given me as a gift - but it is a gift that often needs to be harnessed under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Before I make a move into battle I must learn to wait for my Commander to give my marching orders. I think there are times He will not order us to go into a particular battle - if we charge ahead of the Lord we will be injured - not fatally perhaps but injured nonetheless.

Maybe I should change my name to Little Warrior Missionary!
I know you are all likely fast asleep, so I pray right now for the Lord to grant you a deep, restful sleep.



Terry said...

No I am not asleep yet little warrior missionary, Julie but am on my way out for a bit.
I will be back in a few minutes to say Good Night to you...Love Terry

Terry said...

Hi again Little Missionary, Julie...Sobeys grocery store is open all night, so Bernie and I decided to grocery shop.
He will be on two weeks holiday, so we are just going to "cool" it for a while....maybe make a bunch of CDs of Grampa Yade Children's stories.

I have been to the Pentecostal church a few times when I went to Southern Gospel concerts.
I find them a real kindly, happy people.

I kind of like the sounds of the church that you are going to Julie because from the first week that you went there the Chrisians seemed to welcome you with open arms and as far as I am concerned , anybody who treats our little missionary good will be a friend of OURS!!

Take care and have a restful Terry