Friday, July 13, 2007


Claire ,Pilot Mom posted earlier - she is better but not quite well yet -
Nice of Donna to comment here as she cares and the affairs of the heart are a special interest to her
Hope David is enjoying that ole book -
Terry , thankyou for being such an ambassador of kindness and effort in here
Heb 11:1 U have been a refreshing breeze of spirituality

TO ALL A GOOD NITE - yes, am sure I left off many names but not from our hearts - we pray and believe

HAVE "FAITH" IN GOD --------

remember David and myself if U would -- Lord Bless ---------------


Terry said...

Good night Pilgrim David and Passing-thru Jonathan and all of the other pals..

I can't sleep in tomorrow because that Bernie is home and I won't be able to sleep in for two whole weeks because that Bernie has two weeks vacation!!!...
Oh the agony of it all!!!
Burnt muffins and senior coffee for two whole weeks...from Pilgrim pal Terry

passing-thru said...

LOL --- the things we "endure"